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Ege Korkan is a Ph.D. candidate in Embedded Systems and Internet of Things group in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering of Technische Universität München (TUM) in Germany. His research revolves around using Web of Things technologies during the design, test and diagnosis of decentralized systems.

Ege Korkan studied Electrical Engineering in INSA de Lyon in France. In 2016, he moved to Munich during his last year of his studies and worked in Siemens to write his Master’s Thesis. An extension of his Master’s Thesis subject is now the topic he is working on.




Hassib Belhaj Hassine, Ege Korkan, Sebastian Steinhorst

Second W3C Workshop on Web of Things, Munich, Germany, 2019


  • WoTify: A platform to bring Web of Things to your devices

Ege Korkan, Hassib Belhaj Hassine, Verena Eileen Schlott, Sebastian Käbisch, Sebastian Steinhorst

Second W3C Workshop on Web of Things, Munich, Germany, 2019




Ege Korkan, Sebastian Käbisch, Matthias Kovatsch, Sebastian Steinhorst

Forum on specification and Design Languages (FDL), Munich, Germany, 2018

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Supervised Theses

Student Name Title Type Year Links
Adrian Kast Extended Logic in Web of Things Mashup Representations through Goal Definitions MA 2020 (ongoing)  
Hassib Belhaj Design Space Exploration in Web of Things MA 2019  
Verena Schlott Performance Annotation in Web of Things MA 2019 W-ADE
Jan Lauinger Runtime System Adaptation in Web of Things MA 2018 WoT Test Bench Tool


Course Name Course Type Role
System Design for the Internet of Things Lecture + Tutorial Tutor
Software Architecture for Distributed Embedded Systems Lecture + Tutorial Tutor
Advanced Seminar Embedded Systems and Internet of Things Seminar Supervisor

Request for Work

Before asking for an internship or thesis, be aware of the skills I look for in general. Please do not contact me for things related to "real embedded programming" with C. The work you will do will require more abstract/high level languages. Some things that will be always relevant (not a must) to any work you will do with me are:

  • Knowing what is JSON
  • Experience with server-client and publish-subscribe architecture
  • Git
  • Internet protocol stack and application layer protocols
  • Python or node.js programming
  • Thing Description standard
  • Web technologies (front end and back end)
  • Experience with Linux and Raspberry Pi

In your email, please do not forget to add your desired starting date.