Test systems located in the Large High Voltage Hall (length: 34 m, width: 23 m, height: 19 m)

High voltage DC test system,

maximum voltage 1.2 MV DC, maximum DC current 20 mA.

2.4 MV high voltage impulse generator,

maximum charge voltage 2.4 MV; 12 stages; maximum stored energy 120 kWs. Impulse voltage measurement by capacitive-ohmic voltage dividers.

Test systems located in smaller test laboratories

1 MV high voltage impulse generator

maximum charge voltage 1 MV;
5 stages; maximum stored energy 12.5 kWs.

400 kV AC test system

100 kVA, frequency 50 Hz


High voltage DC test system,

maximum voltage 400 kV DC, maximum DC current 60 mA.


DC and AC voltages (high voltage amplifiers)

DC and AC with frequencies up to 2 kHz, max 20 kV DC or 20 kV AC(peak), up to 20 mA



Values given above are rated values of the voltage and current test generators, respectively. The values which will be realized in actual tests may be lower depending on limitations given by the test set up.

Partial discharge measurement technology

Omicron MPD 600

mtronix MPD 540

Simulation tools

Software for calculating electric Fields and mechanic stresses

COMSOL Multiphysics
Numerical calculation of electrif fields and other pysical phenomena

Software for calculating electric Fields