Annika-Sophie Rempe, M.Sc.


Annika-Sophie Rempe, M.Sc.
Research Associate

Technische Universität München
Chair of High Voltage Engineering and Switchgear Technology
Arcisstr. 21
80333 München

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Building: N2 (Theresienstr. 90)
Room: N2205






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  • Rempe, A.-S.; Kindersberger, J.; Willner, E.-M.; Dietz, H.: Determination of Interphase Thickness in Silicone Nanocomposites from Dielectric Properties. 2020 IEEE 3rd International Conference on Dielectrics, 2020Virtual Edition more…


  • Rempe, A.; Stuefer, M.; Kindersberger, J.; Wagenbauer, K.; Ketterer, P.; Dietz, H.: Quantification of the Three-dimensional Nanoparticle Distribution in Polymer Nanocomposites. IEEE TDEI 26 (2), 2019 more…


  • Rempe, A.-S.; Seiler, J.; Appavou, M.-S.; Huber, S.; Schneider, G.J., Kindersberger, J.: Characterization of Polymer-Filler Interactions for a Model Nanocomposite Based on Silicone Rubber. Conference on Electrical Insulation & Dielectric Phenomena (CEIDP 2016), 2016 more…


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  • Seiler, J.; Pachin, J.; Jacobi, B.; Rempe, A.; Grübel, M. ; Lühmann, N.; Appavou, M.-S.; Hübner, E.G.; Kindersberger, J.; Rieger, B.; Schneider, G.J.: Influence of hydrophilic and hydrophobic silica nanofillers on the resistance to high voltage arcing of silicone nanocomposites. 19th International Symposium on High Voltage Engineering, 2015, 6 Seiten more…