Lectures for Associate Professorship Power Transmission Systems

Winter term 2020/21

TitleCourse no.DatesDurationTypeLecturer (assistant)
Power Transmission Systems0000EI8032Link4VI
Basics in Power Engineering240500876Link3VI
Calculation of power supply systems0000005041Link2UE
Calculation of power supply systems0000005039Link2VO
Grid integration of renewable energies0000003114Link3VI
Main Seminar Power Transmission Systems0000003096Link2HS
  • M. Lippich Golobart [L]
  • M. Dominguez Librandi
Power System Planning and Operation920771864Link3VO
  • J. Przibylla [L]
  • T. Connor
Project Laboratory Simulation of Electrical Power Supply Systems000EI80008Link3PR
  • M. Dominguez Librandi [L]
  • S. Niederle
Project Laboratory Simulation of Electrical Power Supply Systems000EI74531Link3PR
  • P. Gamper [L]
  • S. Niederle
  • T. Würl
Seminar Power Transmission0000003104Link2HS
  • M. Lippich Golobart [L]
  • M. Dominguez Librandi
Studentenseminar EEN0000005310Link2SE
  • S. Niederle [L]