We are happy to announce that the article has now been published: Luke E Osborn, Keqin Ding, Mark A Hays, Rohit Bose, Mark M Iskarous, Andrei Dragomir, Zied Tayeb, György M Lèvay, Christopher L Hunt, Gordon Cheng, Robert S Armiger, Anastasios Bezerianos, Matthew S Fifer, Nitish V... [more]

Congratulations to Prof. Gordon Cheng and Zied Tayeb, their collaborative paper has been accepted in the Journal of Neural Engineering. This work is a collaboration between Johns Hopkins University, Applied Physics Laboratory, Technical University of Munich, and the National... [more]

Congratulations to our colleagues Zied Tayeb and Gordon Cheng and their collaborators! Their article "Validating Deep Neural Networks for Online Decoding of Motor Imagery Movements from EEG Signals" has been selected as an “Editor’s Choice Article” in the journal "Sensors". Here... [more]

Congratulations to our colleagues Constantin Uhde, Nicolas Berberich, Gordon Cheng, and their collaborator Karinne Ramirez from Chalmers University of Technology, their paper "The Robot As Scientist: Using Mental Simulation to Test Causal Hypotheses Extracted from Human... [more]

Congratulations to Zied Tayeb and Prof. Gordon Cheng, who have been nominated for the BCI Award 2020, for the following paper: Zied Tayeb, Rohit Bose, Andrei Dragomir, Luke E. Osborn, Nitish V. Thakor, Gordon Cheng: EEG decoding of pain perception for a real-time reflex system in... [more]