Biologically-Inspired Humanoid Vision

We are investigating how to realize an effective biologically-inspired vision system on a humanoid robot.

Artificial Robot Skin

Contact: Florian Bergner
From design to application of a self-organising, whole body multi-modal artificial skin for humanoid and industry-grade robots for usage in a collaborative environment.

Humanoid Dynamic Locomotion

Contact: Julio Rogelio Guadarrama Olvera
Research into humanoid robotics, with the aim of designing a robot that can dynamically walk and interact with the environment.


Contact: Stefan Ehrlich
Neuro-ergonomic human-robot interaction

Cognitive Architecture for Skill Acquisition

The goal of this research is the creation of a new cognitive architecture for robot skill acquisition.

NeuroRobotics: Brain Compatible Robotics (BCR)

Contact: Gordon Cheng
This research investigation deals with all levels of robotic science that shall go toward the brain compatibility of robotic devices.

Sociable Robots: SLICK-BOTS

Contact: Gordon Cheng
We are investigating various aspects of sociable robotics with aim of making robots more acceptable.

Semantic Reasoning about Human Activities

In this research, we present our approach to successfully identify and extract the meaning of human motions by automatically generating rules that define and explain human motions. Those rules will be preserved even in different scenarios.

Social Robotics

Contact: Gordon Cheng
Social robotics is an interdisciplinary scientific enterprise that emphasizes the situational role of one or more robots placed among people in a variety of contexts and daily activities. Within this framework, robots should ultimately be accepted by humans as social companions, thanks to the ability of reacting to humans’ social signals and following norms of human behavior. We aim at designing robots that are tuned to humans’ social behavior and expectations, which should facilitate human-robot interaction and acceptance of robots in the human social sphere.