The paper “A virtual embodiment paradigm in evaluation of human-in-the-loop control” co-authored by Philipp Beckerle, Satoshi Endo and Sandra Hirche has been selected as one of the four finalists at the 2nd IFAC conference on Cyber-Physical & Human Systems (CPHS) 2018 in Miami,... [more]

The paper "An Uncertainty-Based Control Lyapunov Approach for Control-Affine Systems Modeled by Gaussian Process", co-authored by Jonas Umlauft, Lukas Pöhler, and Sandra Hirche, received the 2018 Outstanding Student Paper Award of the IEEE Conference on Decision and Control, the... [more]

On 14. January 2019 Touraj Soleymani successfully defended his PhD thesis „Value of Information Analysis in Feedback Control“. Many thanks to the board of examiners, especially to Prof. John Baras (University of Maryland), who has been the second reviewer and visited ITR for this... [more]

Dr.-Ing. Melanie Kimmel got the Walter Gademann Award 2018 for her dissertation “Constrained Nonlinear Control for Safe Human-Robot Interaction“. The award was given to her during the Day of the Faculty on 9th November 2018 . Congratulations! [more]

The opening took place on 26th October 2018 in Pinkatothek der Moderne. [more]

On 2. October 2018 Dong Xue (Tony) successfully defended his PhD thesis „Distributed Algorithm Analysis and Topology Design in Coevolutionary Networks“. Many thanks to the board of examiners, especially to Prof. Ming Cao (University of Groningen, the Netherlands), who has been the... [more]

Yota Oppata, a student from Prof. Yano’s Mechatronics Lab from the Graduate School of Engineering, Mie University in Japan is visiting us from September until end of this year. [more]

TUM-IAS Hans Fischer Senior Fellow Prof. Baras from the University of Maryland will visit ITR again on October 5th. The purpose of his visit are joint research discussions. [more]