Seminar by Yonhon Ng on 6.12.2019

You are cordially invited to Yonhon Ng’s seminar on Friday, 6th December, at 1 p.m. in the seminar room N0507.


Yonhon Ng is a research fellow at the Australian Centre for Robotic Vision in the Australian National University (ANU). He is working on the Fast Visual Motion Control project under the supervision of Prof. Robert Mahony. He completed his PhD degree at the ANU under the supervision of Dr. Jonghyuk Kim, Prof. Brad Yu and Assoc. Prof. Hongdong Li. He also obtained his Bachelor of Engineering (R&D) at the ANU and was awarded with a University Medal. Yonhon’s research interests include state estimation and control, 3D computer vision and robotics.

Title: Attitude Observation for Second Order Attitude Kinematics


This work addresses the problem of estimating the attitude and angular velocity of a rigid object by exploiting its second order kinematic model. The approach is particularly useful in cases where angular velocity measurements are not available and the attitude and angular velocity of an object need to be estimated from accelerometers and magnetometers. We propose a novel sensor modality that uses multiple accelerometers to measure the angular acceleration of an object as well as using magnetometers to measure partial attitude. We extend the approach of equivariant observer design to second order attitude kinematics by demonstrating that the special Euclidean group acts as a symmetry group on the system considered. The observer design is based on the lifted kinematics and we prove almost global asymptotic stability and local uniform exponential stability of the estimation error. The performance of the observer is demonstrated in simulation.