CO-MAN: Safe data-driven control for human-centric systems

The research project CO-MAN aims to develop a novel framework for user-adaptive data-driven control with performance guarantees in order to address the scientific challenges of high uncertainty andi ndividual user requirements.


It is important for advances in technology to support human activities and interactions in the areas of healthcare, mobility and infrastructure systems. For instance, making healthcare more human requires digital interfaces to allow for more human interactions with the system. This is the goal of human-centric systems in which the human is both an element of the control system and a design criterion. The EU-funded CO-MAN project will develop a framework for user-adaptive data-driven control with performance guarantees. The biggest challenge will be to merge probabilistic non-parametric modelling techniques from statistical learning theory with novel risk-aware control methodologies while including active user modelling. The game changer is the current push towards reliable machine learning with novel results on theoretical bounds for learning behaviour.


TUM team members

Selected publications

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