Dynamic Systems ()

Lecturer (assistant)
Duration4 SWS
TermWintersemester 2016/17
DatesSee TUMonline

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The students will be familiar with advanced concepts of dynamic system theory and be capable of modeling and analyzing technical and non-technical dynamic systems as well as conceiving and implementing control approaches by themselves.


Modeling, analysis and synthesis of dynamic systems. - Nonlinear models and system classes. - Nonlinear phenomena. - Stability of nonlinear systems. - Input-output linearization. - Harmonic balance. - Passivity. - Backstepping. - Flatness-based control. - Introduction into geometric control. - Introduction into switched and hybrid systems. - Sliding mode control. - Application examples.


Fundamentals of mathematic of dynamic systems, as taught in the lectures for higher mathematics and fundamentals of linear control systems.

Teaching and learning methods

In addition to the individual methods of learning a deeper understanding of the matter will be achieved through repeated calculations and problem solving. Lectures will be held ex cathedra, exercises will also include interactive problem solving.


Abschlussklausur: schriftlich, 90 min Die schriftlichen Prüfungen dienen zur Feststellung, ob die erwarteten Lernergebnisse erreicht wurden. Durch erfolgreiches Bestehen der Midterm-Klausur kann ein Bonus auf die Abschlussnote erzielt werden.