Open student positions at LBE...

...for individual bachelor- or master thesis, Ingenieurpraxis or Forschungspraxis: Please contact our responsible group leaders:

Biomedical acoustofluidics group
Group leader: Dr. Rune Barnkob (

Label-free Imaging Cytometry group
Group Leader: Christian Klenk (

Live Tissue Analysis group
Group Leader: Dr. Martin Brischwein (

Single cell analysis group
Group Leader: Dr. Mathias Reisbeck (

Group Leader Prof. Oliver Hayden / Chris Dillitzer ( /
Announcement Master thesis (online since 14.12.2020)

Open student positions in collaboration with industrial partners:

Master Thesis in the MedTech Start-up Tinus in cooperation with the Professorship of Audio Information Processing(online since 27.05.2021)

Smart4Diagnostics GmbH (integration of sensors into preanalytical workflows with clinical samples);
contact: Hans Maria Heyn, / Working student (Jan 2021) more information...

AdjuCor GmbH,
contact: Dr. Johannes Clauss, / more information...

Ambright GmbH,
contact: Dr. Florian Ilchmann,

contact: Dr. Alexander Scholz,

cellasys GmbH
contact: Dr. Joachim Wiest,

Nanion technologies GmbH,
contact: Dr. Michael George,, phone: +49 (0)89 219095070

BSH Hausgeräte GmbH, Global Electronic and Drive Systems,
contact: Dr.-Ing. Tobias Rauch,, phone: +49 (0)941 8994-2411

TreeSense ("Technology Transfer Team" of the chair)
contact: Julius Kübler,, phone: +49(0)157-36415350

STRATEC Consumables GmbH
contact: Werner Balika,

Sencio B.V.
contact: Oliver Maiwald,

contact: Dr. Martin Strehle,

Instrumentation Laboratory
contact: Michael Klenk,

STORZ Endoskop Produktions GmbH - Global Product Development and Innovation Group 
contact: Clemens Rebholz,

GNA Biosolutions GmbH (3 months are expected...)
contact: Sebastian Spahn,

SHZ Softwarehaus Zuleger GmbH
contact: Christoph Zuleger