In ihrer Mitgliederversammlung im Herbst 2020 wurde Prof. Herkersdorf zu einem neuen Mitglied der Deutschen Akademie der Technikwissenschaften (acatech) gewählt. Die acatech Mitglieder beraten Politik und Gesellschaft in Fragen der Technologiepolitik sowie der... [more]

The paper titled "Sensor Fusion Neural Networks for Gesture Recognition on Low-Power Edge Devices" authored by Gabor Balazs, Mateusz Chmurski, Walter Stechele, and Mariusz Zubert has been accepted for presentation at the International Conference on Agents and Artificial... [more]

Gabor Balazs received the best paper award for presenting his work at the IEEE International Conference on Machine Learning and Applications (ICMLA). His paper titled "Neural Architecture Search for Automotive Grid Fusion Networks Under Embedded Hardware Constraints" authored by... [more]

Our paper "HyVE: A Hybrid Voting-based Eviction Policy for Caches" was awarded the Best Paper Award at NORCAS 2020. The paper is authored by Akshay Srivatsa, Sebastian Nagel, Nael Fasfous, Nguyen Anh Vu Doan, Thomas Wild, and Andreas Herkersdorf. It proposes a novel cache eviction... [more]

After finishing their master theses, three new staff members recently joined LIS and started working for their doctoral degrees. Lars Nolte and Tim Twardzyk will be active in a project targeting the optimization of on chip communication within multi- and manycore processor... [more]

Traffic light classification is an important feature for automated driving, and it requires correct separation of the color signals. The authors Korbinian Weikl, Damien Schroeder, and Walter Stechele propose a suitable color distance metric and methods for optimization of the... [more]

Three papers, authored solely by our team or in cooperation with industry partners, have been accepted for publication at NorCAS 2020: "HyVE: A Hybrid Voting-based Eviction Policy for Caches", by Akshay Srivatsa, Sebastian Nagel, Nael Fasfous, Nguyen Anh Vu Doan, Thomas Wild,... [more]