Florian Maurer, M.Sc.

Research Associate 

Technical University of Munich
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Chair of Integrated Systems
Arcisstr. 21
80290 München

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Building: N1 (Theresienstr. 90)
Room: N2117
Email: flo.maurer@tum.de

PGP: 4BDA 3220 67D6 86CD C4A9 7CC5 0F74 8369 E8AF 2BFF



  • Since November 2018: Doctoral Candidate at LIS
  • 2018: M.Sc., Electrical and Computer Engineering, Technische Universität München
    Master Thesis: "Hierarchical Control Structure for Autonomic MPSoCs"
  • 05/2018 - 09/2018: Master Thesis at UC Irvine, CA, USA
  • 2016: B.Sc. Electrical and Computer Engineering, Technische Universität München
    Bachelor Thesis: "Design, Simulation and Optimization of a Variable Optical Attenuator Driver"
  • Intern / Working Student at:
    • Duschl Ingenieure GmbH & Co KG
    • Elektrotechnik Pichler
  • Tutor for:
    • Labcourse Crypto Implementation
    • Lab Electrical Engineering
    • MATLAB in Stochastic Signals


Project Laboratory IC Design (SS 2019 - SS 2020)

Digitaltechnik (since WS 2020/21)

Student Work

Thesis Offers

Interested in an internship or a thesis? Please send me an email.
The given type of work is just a guideline and could be changed if needed.
From time to time, there might be some work, that is not announced yet. Feel free to ask!

Ongoing Theses



Development of a Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning Approach for an MPSoC


Task Distribution / Scheduling in NoCs / TSN


Explainable / Interpretable AI


LCS-based Task Scheduling in Heterogeneous Systems


Application Scheduling on self-aware Embedded Systems


Enabling Multi-Core Capabilities in a MATLAB DVFS Simulation Environment

Finished Work

  • Development of a Debugger for a Reinforcement Learning Paradigm on an MPSoC
    (Research Internship, Klajd Zyla, 2021)
  • Development of a SoC Trace Generator on an FPGA for a Trace-Based Simulation Environment
    (Bachelor Thesis, Raphael Mayr, 2020)
  • Implementation of a Self-aware MPSoC Platform for Research on Cross-layer Resource Management
    (Working Student, Klajd Zyla, 2020)
  • Design of a Trace-Based DVFS Simulation Environment
    (Research Internship, Øivind Bakke, 2020)
  • Design of a Hardware-Based Debugger for a Self-Aware SoC Paradigm
    (Bachelor Thesis, Klajd Zyla, 2019)
  • Port of a Pedestrian Recognition Software on a VHDL MPSoC
    (Working Student, Ali Younessi, 2019)
  • HW-SW Interface Design for a Self-aware SoC Paradigm based on Hardware Machine Learning (IPF)
    (Research Internship, Ozan Sahin, 2019)

Former Seminar Topics

2020 WS

  • Learning Classifier Systems in Multistep Reinforcement Learning Problems
  • Markov Decision Processes in the Context of Multi-step Learning

2020 SS

  • A Survey on Common MPSoC Simulators
  • Survey on Debugging Mechanisms for MPSoCs
  • A Qualitative Comparison of Common Benchmark Suits, Using Predefined Hardware Focused Metrics

2019 WS

  • Interplay of DVFS and DPM for energy minimization of multicore processors
  • Advancements in Learning Classifier Systems
  • Architectural Techniques for Runtime Power Optimization on MPSoCs
  • A Survey on Machine Learning Techniques Used for Predicting Hard Drive Failures in High Performance Centers

2019 SS

  • Comparison of Reinforcement Learning Based Multi Agent System Approaches
  • Distributed Reinforcement Learning Approaches
  • Power Optimization Methodes for MPSoCs



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