System-on-Chip Platforms

Dear students interested in SoCP during summer term 2020, 

As you are certainly aware of, the following semester will bring a totally new study and teaching experience, both for you as students as well as for us as professors. All offered courses have to be prepared and processed for online self-study (at least for a good part, if not all, of the semester). In addition, live Q&A sessions as well as technical chats shall be organized during some of the weekly allocated course time slots. All this implies a vast amount of additional efforts, both now in preparation for the semester, as well as during the semester. 

Therefore, we decided to not offer the SoCP course during this summer term 2020.

In order to provide you with the best possible course materials, videos and study conditions, we have to focus all our efforts on Hardware/Software Codesign (a core module in one of the MSEI focus areas) and CMP (Chip-level Multicore Processors). I hope that most of you who planned to take the SoCP course this semester will have another chance to take it during summer 2021.

Stay safe and healthy!
I'm looking forward to meet you „virtually" in one of the above mentioned other classes,

Andreas Herkersdorf