Seminar on Integrated Systems

Lecturer (assistant)
Duration3 SWS
TermWintersemester 2020/21
Language of instructionGerman


Admission information

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Note: Registration (via TUMonline from 12.10.2020 to 09.11.2020) is required. Limited number of participants! Students have to choose a seminar topic before the introduction lesson. Therefore you need to contact the supervisor of the topic you are interested in. Topics are selected on a first come first served basis. Topics will be published on 9th October 2020 <a href=""></a>.


* self dependent learning of a scientific topic * improving your oral presentation skills * writing a scientific report * designing a scientific poster


Specific topics in the area of integrated circuits and systems will be offered. The participants independently work on a current scientific topic, write a paper, design a poster and present their topic in a talk. In the subsequent discussion the topic will be trated in-depth.


Fundamentals of integrated circuits and systems, electronic design automation and their applications

Teaching and learning methods

Participants elaborate a given scientific topic by themselves in coordinatin with the respective research assistant.


Examination with the following elements: - paper of 4 pages in IEEE format - presentation of a poster - talk of 15 Minutes and subsequent questions

Recommended literature

Themen-spezifische Literatur wird vom jeweiligen Betreuer empfohlen und soll durch eigene Recherchen ergänzt werden.


Offered Topics


Ruleset reduction algorithms in XCS classifier system.

A Survey on Spiking Neural Networks and Neuromorphic Computing

Efficient Training Schemes for Binary Neural Networks

Understanding Adversarial Robustness in the Context of 3D-Object Detection

In-Train Quantization and Pruning Methods for Convolutional Neural Networks

Hardware Architecture Search for Inference of Convolutional Neural Networks

Flexible On-Chip Interconnect for Runtime Reconfigurable Inference Dataflows of Neural Networks

Optimized CUDA Kernels for Efficient Processing of Binary and Sparse Neural Networks

Feature selection for LSTM neural networks

Markov Decision Processes as Basis for Multistep Learning with LCS

LCS for Real-Time Systems

Load Balancing Techniques deployed in Network Interface Cards (NICs)

Survey on Hash Functions used for Data Mapping

Assigned Topics


[MSEI] Comparing strategies to reduce data-triffic on distributed memory architectures

Application Profiling Tools in Linux

A Survey on Inter-Process Communication

Survey on Multiobjective Genetic Algorithms

[MSEI] Performance and Power Models for Near-memory Computing

Update on Winter Semester 2020/21 (09.10.2020)

The seminar topics are now available. You can get in touch with the corresponding supervisors. The course information will be updated and will available for registration at TUMOnline soon.