MSEI/MSCE Research Internships

Some of the offered MSEI/MSCE research internships may be offered as tasks that also can be carried out in the context of the Project Lab Integrated Systems. If this applies it is explicitly mentioned in the associated topic description.

Available Topics

Interested in an internship or a thesis? 
Often, new topics are in preparation for being advertised, which are not yet listed here. Sometimes there is also the possibility to define a topic matching your specific interests. Therefore, do not hesitate to contact our scientific staff, if you are interested in contributing to our work. If you have further questions concerning a thesis at the institute please contact Dr. Thomas Wild.


Migrating Learning Classifier Tables from Leon3 to the OPEN-PITON ARIANE RISCV platform

Intern / Student Job System Security and Platform Cyber Resilience at Huawei in Munich

Introspective Failure Prediction Algorithms on FPGAs

FPGA Design Student Job / Intern at Huawei in Munich

Implementation and analysis of action selection strategies for Learning Classifier Tables

Assigned Topics


Accelerating Object-Detection Algorithms on NVDLA

Conecpt for Hardware-supported Scheduling in Linux

Processing Simulation based Tracing Information

Implementation of an Approximated FIR Filter on FPGA for Laser Line Extraction from Pixel Data

Preference-Based Multi-objective Optimization using Genetic Algorithms

Investigation of state-of-the-art optimization approaches for approximate computing

Graph Neural Network-based Pruning