BMBF announces the funding of the joint proposal for the 6G Research Hub "6G-life" be TUM and TU Dresden [more]

Our paper on "sfc2cpu" has been awarded with the Best Student Paper Award at the IFIP/IEEE Intl. Symposium on Integrated Network Management 2021 [more]

Wolfgang Kellerer im FAZ DIGITEC PODCAST [more]

Prof. Wolfgang Kellerer on the next wireless communications generation [more]

PD Dr.-Ing. C. Mas Machuca is General Co-Chair of the 12th International Conference on Network of the Future (NoF) 2021. Submission deadline: 23 April 2021 ********************************************************************************                                  Call... [more]

We’re excited to announce the launch of Thinknet 6G and invite you to join us for the official kickoff on March 24th, 2021 from 14:00-15:00 CET. Thinknet 6G is a new initiative at Bayern Innovativ, funded by the Bavarian Ministry of Eco-nomic Affairs, Regional Development and... [more]

On Wednesday, Feb. 24 at 13:00 we will have a presentation of Umur Karabulut on “Mobility Management in 5G Beamformed Systems”. The presentation will be online via videoconference system. [more]

Prof. Wolfgang Kellerer wurde von Staatsminister Aiwanger zum Sprecher der Wissenschaft für die Themenplattform 6G bestellt [more]

Prof. Kellerer wurde für aussergewöhnliches ehrenamtliches Engagement für die ITG mit der VDE Ehrenurkunde 2020 ausgezeichnet [more]

Friday 29.1.2021 at 4:00 PM More information [more]

Recent Publications

  • Müller, Jasper; Patri, Sai Kireet; Fehenberger, Tobias; Mas-Machuca, Carmen; Griesser, Helmut; Elbers, Jörg-Peter: A QoT Estimation Method using EGN-assisted Machine Learning for Network Planning Applications. 2021 European Conference on Optical Communications (ECOC), 2021 more…
  • Shariati, B.; Pedreno-Manresa, J. J.; Dochhan, A.; Muqaddas, A. S.; Casellas, R.; González de Dios, O.; Canto, L. L.; Lent, B.; López de Vergara, J. E.; López-Buedo, S.; Moreno, F. J.; Pavón, P.; Velasco, L.; Patri, S.; Giorgetti, A.; Cugini, F.; Sgambelluri, A.; Nejabati, R.; Simeonidou, D.; Braun, R.-P.; Autenrieth, A.; Elbers, J.-P.; Fischer, J. K.; Freund, R.: A Latency-Aware Real-Time Video Surveillance Demo: Network Slicing for Improving Public Safety. 2021 Optical Fiber Communications Conference and Exhibition (OFC), 2021 more…
  • Cho, Joo Yeon; Pedreno-Manresa, Jose-Juan; Patri, Sai Kireet; Sergeev, Andrew; Elbers, Jörg-Peter; Griesser, Helmut; White, Catherine; Lord, Andrew: Demonstration of Software-defined Key Management for Quantum Key Distribution Network. 2021 Optical Fiber Communications Conference and Exhibition (OFC), 2021 more…