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Friday 27.11.2020 at 4:00 PM by Prof. Diepold. More information [more] [more]

Video abstract published on our "IEEE ComSoc selected publication" published in IEEE TNSM. [more]

The Paper "Chameleon: Predictable Latency and High Utilization with Queue-Aware and Adaptive Source Routing" authored by LKN researchers has been accepted for publication at ACM CoNEXT 2020. [more]

Carmen Mas Machuca ist neue Sprecherin des Center of Competence Communications (CoC COM) ab Oktober 2020 [more]

ERC Grant Project FlexNets results published in Elsevier Computer Communications Journal [more]

Anna Prado, Onur Ayan and Arled Papa from LKN have received awards at the Siemens Summer Camp Digital Twins [more]

latest LKN publication addresses a novel software defined radio access network architechture for 5G and beyond [more]

The paper "Comparing Fixed and Variable Segment Durations for Adaptive Video Streaming – A Holistic Analysis" by S. Schwarzmann, C. Sieber (LKN) at al. has been awarded with the Excellence in DASH Award 2020 at ACM MMSys 2020 [more]

Recent Publications

  • Varasteh, Amir; Soares Frutuoso, Henrique; He, Mu; Kellerer, Wolfgang; Mas-Machuca, Carmen;: Figo: Mobility-Aware In-Flight Service Assignment and Reconfiguration with Deep Q-Learning. IEEE Global Communications Conference (Globecom), 2020 more…
  • Van Bemten, Amaury; Deric,Nemanja; Varasteh,Amir; Schmid,Stefan; Mas Machuca,Carmen; Blenk,Andreas; Kellerer,Wolfgang: Chameleon: Predictable Latency and High Utilization with Queue-Aware and Adaptive Source Routing. 16th International Conference on emerging Networking EXperiments and Technologies (CoNEXT), 2020 more…
  • Harkous, Hasanin; Jarschel, Michael; He, Mu; Pries, Rastin; Kellerer, Wolfgang: P8: P4 with Predictable Packet Processing Performance. IEEE Transactions on Network and Service Management, 2020, 1-1 more…