at the IFIP/IEEE International Symposium on Integrated Network Management 2019. [more]

for Patrick Kalmbach, Andreas Blenk, Wolfgang Kellerer (LKN), and Rastin Pries, Michael Jarschel, Marco Hoffmann (Nokia Bell-Labs) for their demo "GPU Accelerated Planning and Placement of Edge Clouds" [more]

Our recent work on flexible and adaptable softwarized networks has been accepted for publication in the prestigious IEEE journal Proceedings of the IEEE, 2019: Wolfgang Kellerer, Patrick Kalmbach, Andreas Blenk, Arsany Basta, Martin Reisslein, Stefan Schmid: "Adaptable and... [more]

Results of Dagstuhl Seminar published as guidelines for reproducibility in networking research in ACM Computer Communications Review (CCR) 2019 [more]

for Augustin Jacquelin, Mikhail Vilgelm and Wolfgang Kellerer for their paper "Grant-Free Access with Multipacket Reception: Analysis and Reinforcement Learning Optimization". [more]

Our recent survey on network flexibility has been accepted for publication in the journal IEEE Communication Surveys and Tutorials, 2019. [more]

GI/ITG NetSys 2019 will take place at TUM, Munich, Germany from March 18 - 21, 2019 [more]

Applications for the add-on study program of TUM and LMU are open until November 30, 2018: [more]

Die Informationstechnische Gesellschaft (ITG) im VDE verlieh Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jörg Eberspächer, TUM Emeritus of Excellence, den diesjährigen „ITG Fellow“. Die Preisverleihung fand im Rahmen des VDE-Hauptstadt-Forums am 05.11.2018 in Berlin statt. Die ITG, eine der Fachgesellschaften... [more]

Dr.-Ing. Andreas Blenk has been awarded with the "Kurt Fischer-Promotionspreis" for his PhD thesis "Towards Virtualization of Software-Defined Networks: Analysis, Modeling, and Optimization" on Nov. 9, 2018. [more]

Recent Publications

  • Seeger, Jan; Bröring, Arne; Pahl, Marc-Oliver; Sakic, Ermin: Rule-Based Translation of Application-Level QoS Constraints into SDN Configurations for the IoT. European Conference on Networks and Communications (EUCNC), 2019, 1-6 more…
  • Vilgelm, Mikhail; Rueda Linares, Sergio; Kellerer, Wolfgang: Dynamic Binary Countdown for Massive IoT Random Access in Dense 5G Networks. IEEE Internet of Things Journal, 2019 more…
  • Petroulakis, Nikolaos; Lakka, Eftychia; Sakic, Ermin; Kulkarni, Vivek; Fysarakis, Konstantinos; Somarakis, Iasonas; Serra, Jordi; Sanabria-Russo, Luis; P. Pau, Danilo; Falchetto, Mirko; Presenza, Domenico; Marktscheffel, Tobias; Ramantas, Kostas; Mekikis, Prodromos-Vasileios; Ciechomski, Łukasz; Walędzik, Karolina: SEMIoTICS Architectural Framework: End-to-end Security, Connectivity and Interoperability for Industrial IoT. 2019 Global IoT Summit (GIoTS) (GIoTS'19), 2019 more…