Online summer semester has started successfully

All courses offered by LKN have successfully started via online formats based on prerecorded lecture videos, live streams and chat-based feedback sessions

The LKN team has successfully transformed the following courses into an online format for the summer semester 2020 that started on April 20:

Due to the unexpected enourmous interest, we have significantly enhanced the capacity of our limited courses "Analysis, Modeling and Simulation of Communication Networks" and " Software Defined Networking Lab" on a very short notice. The SDN Lab capacity was eben more than doubled!

Many thanks to the whole LKN team for the enourmous efforts to support such a smooth start into the "online" summer semester 2020 in this short time!

Recent Publications

  • Sieber, Christian; Schwarzmann, Susanna; Blenk, Andreas; Zinner, Thomas; Kellerer, Wolfgang: Scalable Application- and User-Aware Resource Allocation in Enterprise Networks Using End-Host Pacing. ACM Trans. Model. Perform. Eval. Comput. Syst., 2020 more…
  • Ayan, Onur; Gürsu, H. Murat; Papa, Arled; Kellerer, Wolfgang: Probability Analysis of Age of Information in Multi-hop Networks. IEEE Networking Letters, 2020, 1-1 more…
  • Papa, Arled; de Cola, Tomaso; Vizarreta, Petra; He, Mu; Mas Machuca, Carmen; Kellerer, Wolfgang: Design and Evaluation of Reconfigurable SDN LEO Constellations. IEEE Transactions on Network and Service Management , 2020 more…