PD Dr.-Ing. C. Mas Machuca presents “Software Reliability” at the Training School on Design of Disaster-resilient Communication Networks

The COST RECODIS project organizes a Training School on Design of Disaster-resilient Communication Networks on December 10-11, 2019 at the COST premises en Brussels.

Scope and Objective

Disaster-induced failures can severely affect any communication network, leading to multiple failures of network elements and making services unavailable. Such scenarios may be triggered by:

  1. natural disasters such as fires, tornadoes, volcano eruptions, earthquakes, and disruptions (heavy rain/fog in the context of high-frequency wireless communications, e.g., in wireless mesh networks),
  2. technology-related problems following from, e.g., software issues, and other technology-related events such as power blackouts, or inter-dependence of communication networks and power grid networks,
  3. malicious human activities leading to massive failures of important network elements such as high capacity links, or nodes hosting/switching a large amount of data.

The objective of this training is to familiarize the participants with the essential techniques related to:

  • the evaluation of the vulnerability of communication networks to disaster-induced failures,
  • methods of design/update of communication network architectures with improved disaster-resilience.

The full program of the training and information on the application submission procedure and the financial support are available here.

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