Research Video Awards: LKN PhDs present their research in short videos on YouTube

PhD students at LKN present their research to public audience in short research videos - all videos are available on YouTube

The PhD students at LKN are proud to present their research topics in short videos to the public. All videos are available on the LKN YouTube Channel "LKN TUM". For the playlist go to

The videos were done as part of the LKN Research Video Challenge 2020 and we are also proud to present the awadees of this challenge:

Best Research Communication Award (includes Best Research Video Award):

  • Alberto Martinez Alba: "Flexible Mobile Networks"

Best Research Video Awards (in alphabetical order):

  • Arled Papa: "In-Flight Entertainment Network Slicing"
  • Hansini Vijayaraghavan: "Resource Management in LiFi-RF Heterogeneous Networks"
  • Hasanin Harkous: "Flexible Networks with P4 Programmable Devices"
  • Onur Ayan: "Resource Management for Networked Control Systems"
  • Sai Kireet Patri: "A Beginner's Guide to Optical Network Planning"

Congratulations to all!

Recent Publications

  • Tornatore, Massimo; Babarczi, Péter; Ayoub, Omran; Ferdousi, Sifat; Lourenco, Rafael; Zerwas, Johannes; Blenk, Andreas; Klügel, Markus; Kellerer, Wolfgang: Alert-Based Network Reconfiguration and Data Evacuation. In: Computer Communications and Networks. Springer International Publishing, 2020 more…
  • Papa, Arled; Durner, Raphael; Goratti, Leonardo; Rasheed, Tinku; Kellerer, Wolfgang: Controlling Next-Generation Software-Defined RANs. IEEE Communications Magazine, 2020 more…
  • Zoppi, Samuele; Champati, Jaya Prakash; Gross, James; Kellerer, Wolfgang: Dynamic Scheduling for Delay-Critical Packets in a Networked Control System Using WirelessHART. IEEE International Communication Conference, 2020 more…