Wolfgang Kellerer is Area Editor for IEEE COMST

Prof. Kellerer has been appointed Area Editor "Network Virtualization" for the journal IEEE Communication Surveys & Tutorials from January 2021.

IEEE Communication Surveys & Tutorials (COMST) is the major IEEE journal to publish timely overview articles with long term impact. Accordingly its impact factor is extremely high, ie. 29.830 (2019).

Prof. Kellerer is Area Editor "Network Virtualization" for IEEE COMST starting in January 2021.

Link to the journal:

Recent Publications

  • Martínez Alba, Alberto; Babarczi, Péter; Blenk, Andreas; He, Mu; Krämer, Patrick; Zerwas, Johannes; Kellerer, Wolfgang: Modeling the Cost of Flexibility in Communication Networks. IEEE INFOCOM 2021 - IEEE Conference on Computer Communications, 2021 more…
  • Klugel, Markus; Mamduhi, Mohammadhossein; Ayan, Onur; Vilgelm, Mikhail; Johansson, Karl H.; Hirche, Sandra; Kellerer, Wolfgang: Joint Cross-Layer Optimization in Real-Time Networked Control Systems. IEEE Transactions on Control of Network Systems 7 (4), 2020, 1903-1915 more…
  • Zoppi, Samuele; Shantharam, Sharada Prasad; Kellerer, Wolfgang: Delay-Reliability Model of Industrial WSN for Networked Control Systems. 2020 IEEE Global Communications Conference: Communication QoS, Reliability and Modeling, 2020 more…