Aeronautical 5G Communication for Flexible Integrated and Versatile Aircraft Cabin Applications based on a Bavarian Excellence Cluster

Funding Agency: IuK Bayern
Duration: 30 Months, 01.03.2019-31.08.2021
Partners: TUM-LKN, aeroLiFi, Cadami, TriaGnoSys
Contact: H. Vijayaraghavan (
  W. Kellerer (

Scope of the project

The key strategic objective of this project is to pioneer an integrated RF-LiFi communications and data infrastructure for the diverse passenger and aircraft systems and applications to provide a sustainable platform and outlook for mobile connectivity in aeronautical transport platforms in the next decade and beyond.

Scientific/Technical Solutions

  • System design based on the 5G paradigms of SDN and network programmability/softwarisation
  • Optimised control of communication flows and system resources
  • Search for efficient data paths in SDN programmable 5G networks
  • Distributed (Edge) Caching and efficient and resilient multicasting

Planned Contribution from LKN

Adaptive resource management 

  • Design of architecture and algorithms for SDN/NFV based Resource management for LiFi/WiFi communications in the cabin
  • Extension of the algorithms in terms of adaptivity, learning and data oriented optimisation
  • Simulative Evaluation
  • Prototype realisation for integration into the overall architecture