Virtual and programmable industrial network prototype deployed in operational Wind park

Funding Agency:European Commission
Duration:3 years, 01.07.2015-30.06.2018
Partners:Siemens AG, TUM, KCL, Deutsche Telekom, NEC, Intel, ICOM, FORTH, World Sensing
Contact:E. Sakic (
 A. Van Bemten (
 P. Stojsavljevic (
 C. Mas Machuca (
 W. Kellerer (

Scope of Project

The VirtuWind project is one of the 5G-PPP phase-1 projects under the Horizon 2020 framework. Video.

VirtuWind will develop and demonstrate SDN & NFV ecosystem, based on open, modular and secure framework showcasing a prototype for intra-domain and interdomain scenarios in real wind parks as a representative use case of industrial networks, and validate the economic viability of the demonstrated solution. The wind park control network has been chosen as a professional application in VirtuWind as wind energy has now established itself as a mainstream of sustainable energy generation. By envisioning lower capital expenditure and operational expenditure costs in control network infrastructure, VirtuWind will play important role in assisting wind energy sector to achieve cost reductions. Further applicability of VirtuWind solution in other industrial domains will bring multifold benefits in their communication networks.

Planned Contributions

  • Realize industrial-grade QoS  for  intra-domain SDN solution.
  • Guarantee inter-domain  QoS for SDN based multi-operator ecosystem.
  • Reduce time and cost for service  provisioning and network maintenance.
  • Assure security by design for the SDN and NFV ecosystem.
  • Field trial of intra-and inter-domain SDN and NFV prototype.