Student Work

Our student theses. internships and other student jobs can mostly be done from remote and will be supervised online (videochat, email,...).

We offer students the opportunity to actively participate on interesting and cutting edge research topics and concrete research projects by conducting their thesis in our group.

We offer topics for your Bachelor's Thesis and Master's Thesis to successfully complete your studies with a scientific work. We offer students of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering to supervise your Forschungspraxis (research internship /industrial internship) and Ingenieurpraxis directly at our chair. For students with other specializations, such as Informatics, we offer opportunities to supervise your Interdisciplinary Project (IDP) (German: "Interdisziplinäres Projekt (IDP)"). Please contact us directly for more information.

Open Thesis



Age of Information-based Multi-Hop Communication using GNU Radio & Software-defined Radios


Flexible Implementation of 5G User Plane Function using P4


Evaluation of Communication Mechanisms in 5G Control Plane


An SCTP Load Balancer for Kubernetes to aid RAN-Core Communication


Wireless resource allocation for clients with LiFi and RF dual connections


Implementation of CSMA with GNUradio on Software Defined Radios and Evaluation of Age of Information Performance


Delay Root Cause Analysis for TSN


Safe Runtime Reconfiguration of TAS-based TSN schedules


Design and Evaluation of a TAS-Enabled TSN Scheduler with Redundancy Requirements


Support for the new lecture Data Networking in WS20/21


Development of an East/West API for SD-RAN control communication


Deployment of a data plane simulator for real time operation with SD-RAN controllers


Development of a Tracking Glove for Real Time Trajectory Simulation in Virtual Environments


P4 for Network Telemetry and Analytics


Implementation of Scheduling and Slicing Algorithms in OpenAirInterface


Measuring the reconfiguration of the realistic VNFs

Ongoing Thesis

Bachelor's Theses

Implementation and Evaluation of a Machine Learning Pipeline for Virtual Network Embedding

How do random body drops influence aircraft cabin channels for LiFi?

Attention! - Learning a Link State Routing Protocol

Modelling and Analyzing the influence of passengers on aircraft cabin channel models

Finite-Horizon AoI-based Scheduling with Gilbert-Elliot Channel Model

Virtual Network Embedding: Does Time Really Matter?

Weighted Overlapping Networks

Traffic classification using graphattention neural networks

Anpassungs eines HArdware in the Loop Simulationsbaus

Untersuchung zur rückwärtskompatiblen Datenratensteigerung für proprietäre Brandmeldebustechnik

Master's Theses

Benchmarking P4Runtime Controllers

5G-NR-U and WiFi6 Coexistence

Performance Modeling of P4 Devices Using Queuing Theory

Adversarial Benchmarking of Data-driven Reconfigurable Data Center Networking

Reinforcement learning based distributed MAC in networked control systems

Optimizing BGP Forwarding Information Base Aggregation Routines by Prediction of Updates

Deliberate Load-Imbalancing in Data Center Networks

Scheduler Agnostic Slice Manager with Deep Reinforcement Learning

5G-RAN control plane modeling and Core network evaluation

Optimal Placement of SDN Controllers and Hypervisors in Virtualized Networks

Impact of noise-aware routing on different multiplexing techniques in flexible optical networks

Research Internship (Forschungspraxis)

Jitter Analysis and Comparison of Jitter Algorithms

Mobility trajectory prediction using machine learning algorithms

A scalable and flexible 5G RAN Emulator

Interference mitigation via flexible functional split

3D modeling of an indoor office and analysis of different LiFi access point placement strategies

Probabilistic Traffic Classification

Joint Planning of Optical and Satellite QKD networks

Lightpath Reconfiguration Algorithms for Optical Network Planning

Mobile Network Coordinated UAV fleet Mission.

FlexGraph: Flexibility Study of Network Topologies (Reliability Use Case)

FlexGraph: Flexibility Study of Network Topologies on Controller Placement

Network Functions Placement into P4 Devices

Student Assistant Jobs

Student Assistant for the Wireless Sensor Networks Lab WS20/21

Implementation of a Techno-Economic tool for VLC

Development of NCSbench

Student Assistant for the Internetkommunikation Lecture in SS20

Machine-Learning based fault diagnosis in flexible optical networks

Implementation of Energy-Aware Algorithms for Service Function Chain Placement

Working student for innovative Podcasts for BCN lecture

Working student for the SDN lab