Seminar im Sommersemester 2021

Thema: "Mobility management in 5G and beyond heterogeneous networks"

Kick-off Meeting: Montag, 12. April 2021 um 13:15 (online via zoom)

Achtung: in diesem Semester werden die Seminarthemen bereits online vor dem Kick-Off zugewiesen.
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Important: This semester the seminar topics will be allocated online before the Kick-Off. If you would like to participate, please register in TUMonline and contact us via email

Communication Networks Scientific Seminar

Lecturer (assistant)
TypeAdvanced seminar
Duration3 SWS
TermSommersemester 2021
Language of instructionGerman
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Admission information

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Note: The exact seminar topics will be announced and allocated during the kick-off meeting. Hence, for the participants it is mandatory to take part in the kick-off. For the specific time and date please refer to our chair's page: Registration on TUM Online is required. Note: Presentation and writing could be done in English as the materials are in English as well.


All participants will give a scientific talk (20min) on a certain topic. They will get references to related literature and further assistance, if required. In addition, they have to summarize the essentials in writing. The main aim of attending this seminar is to familiarize oneself with scientific working methods as well as gaining experience with modern techniques for speech and presentation. A special characteristic of the Communication Networks Seminar is the included course on presentation techniques during the first and second week. In this part, in addition to general rhetoric rules, the use of different medias for presentations will be taught. The students will undergo a special training in which video recording will be used to enable them to analyze and enhance their rhetoric skills.


Various topics on wired and wireless communication networks. Focus of this seminar is on latest research and technologies. For the actual topic and more information please refer to our chair's page:


Gutes Verständnis von Methoden und Systemen der Kommunikationsnetze (Architekturen, Protokolle, Algorithmen, Leistungsbewertung)

Teaching and learning methods

Every student summarizes relevant content of provided literature and prepares a scientific talk (20 min). In the scope of this seminar workshop on presentation technique is provided. The workshop takes place at two time slots, and cover general rhetorical, design and preparation guidelines. The workshop gives students the opportunity the practice their presentation skill in realistic scenarios. During the workshop video recording is used to give the students a realistic picture of how they act during a presentation.


Summer semester 2021: "Mobility management in 5G and beyond heterogeneous networks"

Network densification with small cell coverage radius and utilization of high-frequency bands are the main themes of 5G networks, which promise large capacity gains. Mobility management becomes important and complex in such scenarios, hence, it has attracted attention from academia and industry. Mobility provides great comfort to cellular users such as seamless connectivity for moving users, which comes at the cost of sophisticated algorithms in Radio Access Network (RAN) and core network such as handovers from the serving Base Station (BS) to the target BS, user location updating and signaling between BS and Access and Mobility Management Function (AMF). The interruption due to a handover in LTE is on average 100-200 ms. In the currently being rolled out technology, New Radio (NR), 3GPP aims at achieving a handover interruption close to zero ms when having a single transmitter and receiver, and 0 ms for the case with multiple transmitters and receivers (both at the user and BS sides). A possible approach to avoid any handover interruption is by using dual connectivity, where a user is simultaneously served by two BSs. Dual connectivity is not an efficient way of using precious network resources, and it also increases energy consumption. Therefore, tradeoffs between performance increase, energy and resource consumption are studied, and other approaches are being developed.

In the core network, the Access and Mobility Management Function (AMF) is responsible for mobility management. After a successful handover, the target BS sends a path switch request to AMF so that data can continue flowing between the user and the core network through the target BS. Since 5G will support many connected devices, a large amount of signaling traffic might overload the core network. To make the core network more scalable and flexible, Network Function Virtualization (NFV) is applied, which replaces physical devices with virtual functions. Resource allocation and function placement are challenging tasks for NFV.

In this seminar, we will explore mobility management mechanisms proposed for the latest and possibly heterogeneous network technologies in radio and core network parts where context information, also beyond the pure user location, such as user status, energy, application demand, etc. play a role.

The objective of the Seminar is to work on recent publications on this topic and to discuss it with the group and Prof. Kellerer. Therefore, at the start of the seminar, recent research results are presented and the related concepts are discussed. Moreover, a keynote talk from the industry will be organized to highlight current trends in the field.

The concrete topics will be presented before the Kick-Off lecture. This semester topics are aloocated remotely before the Kick-Off meeting. However, the participation in the Kick-Off is mandatory to confirm your topic. The Kick-Off will take place at the beginning of the semester (see above and TUMonline).

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This semester the seminar topic allocation is performed remotely before the Kick-off.
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