Wichtige Hinweise für alle Lehrveranstaltungen des Lehrstuhls für Kommunikationsnetze (LKN) im Sommersemester 2020

Important information for all courses in summer semester 2020 at Lehrstuhl für Kommunikationsnetze (LKN)

May 6, 2020

Dear Students,

in the current situation and following the TUM guidelines, the summer semester has started with all courses offered as online courses. LKN is offering the following courses in summer semester 2020 and has successfully started them in an online fashion. 

Please read the important information for the course formats below!

For the course descriptions, see the respective information on our webpage and on TUM online as usual. For logistics, see the respective Moodle page.

Liebe Studentinnen und Studenten,

in der derzeitigen Situation und im Einklang mit den TUM Empfehlungen werden alle Kurse im SoSe 2020 als Online-Kurse durchgeführt. Am LKN bieten wir die folgenden Kurse im SoSe20 an und haben sie im online Format erfolgreich gestartet. 

Bitte beachten Sie die wichtigen Informationen zur Kursorganisation unten!

Für die Modulbeschreibungen siehe unsere Webseiten und TUM online (wie bisher). Alle weitere (neue) Logistik siehe die jeweilige Moodle Seite.

Student Theses, Internships, HIWI / Abschlussarbeiten, Praktika, Hiwis

We offer Master Thesis, Bachelor Thesis, Research Internships and other student jobs, which all can be done from remote and will be supervised online (videochat, email,...). Please see the Student Thesis web page for offers and send an email to the researchers directly.

Wir bieten eine Vielzahl von Masterarbeiten, Bachelorarbeiten, Forschungspraxen, Ingenieurpraxen und Hiwi Jobs an, die alle ohne Anwesenheit an der TUM durchgeführt werden können und online betreut werden (Videochat, Email,...). Für Angebote siehe unsere Webseite Studentische Arbeiten. Bitte schreiben Sie die die Mitarbeiter direkt via Email an.

How we organize our online courses / Kursorganisation in SS 2020

  • Note: the official time schedule as of TUM online for all courses is still relevant for the online offers!
  • Moodle page: the main source of all information about content and schedules – please check regularly for
    • Schedule: lecture streaming, tutorial streaming, assignments
    • Lecture notes and slides
    • Lecture videos
    • Readings
    • Assignments and solutions
    • Upload of assignments and grading
    • Tools and other downloads
  • Videoconference sessions: via the tool zoom during the official lecture hours
    • Lectures are pre-recorded and offered as video units to be streamed via the Moodle page
    • Live streaming sessions (scheduled at the official lecture times) include
      • Streaming of tutorials (live)
      • Summaries and Q&A sessions (live)
    • We try to record lecture and tutorial streams (-> Moodle page)
    • We use the tweedback.de chatwall in parallel to all live streaming sessions so you can pose your questions anonymously (no login required)
  • E-test/Self assessment (tool will be announced on the Moodle page)
  • Moodle forum(s): for technical or organizational questions – we reply within 24 hours during weekdays
  • Chat (we use the TUM Rocket Chat: chat.tum.de - channel is announced via Moodle): for informal discussion/synchronization among students and for feedback to us during lectures – we also participate and reply to questions during the official announced lecture hours
  • Personal emails to the lecturers/assistants shall be minimized and will not be answered for general questions to content or organization, please use the Moodle forum or the chat

We do our best to make this summer semester as smooth as any other semesters. We apologize already now, if something does not work as expected. So, we provide all content in different forms and allow for different ways to discuss among fellow students and, of course, with us.

We are looking forward to a smooth online adventure!