Teaching at TUM:

Other courses:

  • Lectures on "Optical Networks" at Master in Enginyería Informàtica at the Universitat de Girona (UdG), Spain (Winter Semester 2017) 
  • Seminars on optical networks and techno-economic studies at three universities in Valparaiso: Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso (PUCV), Universidad Adolfo Ibañez (UAI) and Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María (UTFSM), Chile (March 2016)
  • Lectures on "Techno-Economical Studies in Telecommunication Networks" at the Master of Science in Information and Communication Technologies  at the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC), Spain (Summer Semester 2011)
  • Lectures on "Packet Switching and Computer networks" at the MSc in Information Networking AIT-Carnegie Mellon University, Greece campus (Summer Semesters 2003 and 2004)
  • Lectures on "Optical networks" at the MSc in Information Networking AIT-Carnegie Mellon University, Greece campus (Summer Semesters 2003 and 2004)


  • NSERC (Canada) External Reviewer, December 2019
  • H2020 (EU) Evaluator Expert, 2018
  • Ph.D. thesis of Raimena Veisllari "Performance and Control of Integrated Hybrid Optical Networks", NTNU, Norway, September 2016
  • Ph.D. thesis of Jonas Wäfler "Modeling adn Analysis of Dependability and Interdependency Failures in Smart Grids", NTNU, Norway, June 2016.
  • Ph.D. thesis of Eduardo Tommy López Pastor "WDM/TDM PON Bidirectional Networks Single-Fiber/Wavelength RSOA-based ONUs Layer 1/2 Optimization",  UPC, Spain, October 2013.
  • Ph.D. thesis of Andreas Javier González Martínez "Methods for Guraranteeing Contracted Availability in Connection Oriented Networks", NTNU, Norway, March 2013.
  • Ph.D. thesis of Josep Segarra Mullerat "Optical Burst Switched Access networks with Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation", UPC, Spain, November 2008.
  • GBOU (Generisch Basisonderzoek aan de Universiteiten) research projects in the region of Flanders, 2001.

Conference and Workshop Organization

  • Chair of IEEE ICTON Workshop “Green Optical Communications” since 2011
  • Co-Chair of IEEE ICTON Workshop “Reliability Issues in Next Generation Optical Networks” collocated since 2010
  • Chair of 12th CTTE 2015 (Conference of Telecommunication, Media and Internet Techno-Economics), Munich, Germany, 9th-10th November 2015
  • Co-Chair of 7th RNDM 2015 (International Workshop on Reliable Networks Design and Modelling), Munich, Germany, 5th-7th October 2015
  • Guest Co-editor of the Journal of Networks special issue on transparent optical networks (Vol. 7, No 5, pp. 755-756, May 2012)
  • Workshop “Network Operation cost modeling” at Globecom 2009
  • Co-chair of Workshop “Operation Expenditures (OpEx) Studies” at ECOC 2007

Other activities

  • Technical Program Committee member at:
    • IEEE ICC 2017 Optical Networks and Systems Symposium (ONS) since 2009
    • International Conference on Telecommunication (ICT) since 2017
    • Asia Communications and Photonics Conference (ACP) since 2010
    • International Conference on Transparent Optical Networks (ICTON) since 2005
    • Conference of Telecommunication, Media and Internet Techno-Economics CTTE since 2008
    • Optical Network Design and Modeling (ONDM) since 2010
    • Smart Communications in Network Technologies (SaCoNet) 2012, 2013
    • Conference on Networks and Optical Communications (NOC) since 2012
    • Workshop on "New Trends in Optical Networks Survivability" as a part of the International Conference of Communication (ICC) 2012
    • IEEE International Conference of Communication (ICC) 2013 - Optical Networks and Systems.
  • Technical reviewer at several journals such as IEEE Transactions on Network and Service Management, Journal of Optical Communications and Networking, the IEEE Communications Letters Journal, Computer Networks Journal, Computer Communications, Optical and Quantum Electronics, Optical Switching and Networking.
  • Session Chair at different conferences (e.g. “Access networks“ session at NOC2012, Workshop on All-Optical Routing at ICTON 2010, CTTE 2012, and APC2011)