Welcome to the
Chair of Media Technology

You have reached the web pages of the Chair of Media Technology at Technische Universität München (TUM). Our research and teaching activities cover the broad area of multimedia and multimodal signal and information processing, multimedia communications, as well as 3D image analysis and synthesis.


The Chair of Media Technology (LMT) is member of the competence centers Communication and Robotics, Autonomy and Interaction. Together with the Chair of Communication Networks (Prof. Dr.-Ing. Wolfgang Kellerer), we form a research and teaching unit.


Course Name Sem. Lang. Course of Studies
Medientechnik WS de BSEI,IN,BWL
Multidimensional Digital Signal Processing WS en MSEI
Image and Video Compression SS en MSEI,IN,BWL
Multimedia Communications SS en MSEI,MSCE

Lab courses

Course Name Sem. Lang. Course of Studies
Projektpraktikum Multimedia WS de BSEI
Image and Video Compression Laboratory WS/SS en MSEI,MSCE,IN
Computational Haptics Laboratory SS en MSEI,MSCE
Taktile Internet Laboratory WS en MSEI
Industry 4.0 Laboratory SS de/en BSEI


Course Name Sem. Lang. Course of Studies
Seminar Media Technology WS/SS de/en MSEI
Media Technology Doctoral Seminar WS/SS de/en  
Media Technology Research Seminar WS/SS de/en  

Recent Publications

  • Zou, Junni; Li, Chenglin; Zhai, Congcong; Xiong, Hongkai; Steinbach, Eckehard: Joint Pricing and Cache Placement for Video Caching: A Game Theoretic Approach. IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications , 2019, 1 - 1 more…
  • Aykut, Tamay; Xu, Jingyi; Steinbach, Eckehard: Realtime 3D 360-Degree Telepresence With Deep-Learning-Based Head-Motion Prediction. IEEE Journal on Emerging and Selected Topics in Circuits and Systems 9 (1), 2019, 231-244 more…
  • Schroeder, Damien; Ilangovan, Adithyan; Reisslein, Martin; Steinbach, Eckehard: Efficient Multi-Rate Video Encoding for HEVC-Based Adaptive HTTP Streaming. IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems for Video Technology 28 (1), 2018, 143-157 more…