Invited Talk: Dr. Abdul Rehman, CEO SSIMWAVE

Dr. Abdul Rehman, CEO of SSIMWAVE

Title: Measuring Preservation of Creative Intent Throughout a Video Delivery Pipeline

Friday, June 7 at 3pm in room 1967

A motion picture production, either a theatrical movie, documentary film, television show or a commercial begins with a creative intent for a scene-by-scene “look and feel” for the content. Creative intent is defined by a director of photography and experienced, hopefully, by hundreds of millions of viewers across the globe. The common element between the viewers is the human visual system, the ultimate consumer of video content. Overall viewing experience is evaluated by physiological and psychological parts of the human visual system.

Between content and infrastructure, the media industry invests billions each year on moving exabytes of video data but pays far less attention towards measuring preservation of creative intent. The most popular choice for content properties, used for defining creative intent, is 4K resolution at 24 frames per second in High Dynamic Range as viewed on a reference monitor. Viewers, on the other hand, experience content in a wide variety of resolutions, frame rates, and dynamic ranges across thousands of viewing devices mostly delivered using bandwidth constrained delivery chains.

Video delivery pipelines have come a long way, but viewer experience metrics have not. Today, neither money spent – nor network metrics of bits delivered – equate to viewers’ true Quality of Experience. Ensuring content integrity in this ecosystem requires rethinking of QoE metrics. An accurate objective scale that replicates the human visual system is needed to uniformly measure viewer experience, in reference to original content, impaired by content transformations, display devices, and viewing conditions.

My talk will demonstrate the findings of my research on how a unified, end-to-end QoE metric, named SSIMPLUS - an advancement over Structural Simulation (SSIM), can accurately measure performance for all parts of the delivery chain, from content creation through the distribution network to the viewers’ devices.  The presentation will show how content providers and distributors can accurately monitor viewer experience to deliver quality on demand at lowest possible cost.