Master Thesis: Multi-sensor fusion for precise positioning and control of drones for gripping applications

Speaker: Ibrahim Ben Ahmed

Room: 1967

In the near future, urban transport will also be extended to include the third dimension. This includes UAVs, that will help to ship goods and move people. Here we find two approaches: the all in one concept and the modularity concept. This project goes around the second concept, where the transport vehicle is decomposed into three separated parts: air module, ground module, and capsule. One of the most crucial processes in this approach is the target automated docking by the air module. High positioning accuracy in reference to the target is necessary to autonomously grip the object. Such an accurate positioning cannot be reached with just using the GPS and IMU data of the air module.

In this work, the above described problem will be addressed. A precise positioning and control system for gripping applications with drones has to be developed. The idea is to use multi sensor fusion approaches to help the drone navigate and approach the target correctly. The positioning system will be implemented and evaluated on a drone, which will also have to be equipped with the needed sensors and gripping system.

Supervisor(s): Mojtaba Karimi, Carlos Sánchez Alvarado (Bertrandt)