Video Synchronization Benchmark

 This website provides a collection of <em>user generated multi-viewpoint video sets</em> (i.e. casual recordings of isolated events from multiple perspectives). Its purpose is to facilitate an objective performance evaluation of different video synchronization algorithms. All videos can be downloaded here.

Dataset Description

 The video collection covers 43 distinct events, recorded from 2 to 5 viewpoints each. In total, there are 164 video pairs whose relative temporal offsets are to be determined. All videos have been recorded with consumer grade cameras (camcorders and mobile phones) and under realistic conditions (shaking cameras, unconstrained viewpoints, etc.), rendering fully automatic synchronization a challenging task.


  • Schweiger, Florian; Schroth, Georg; Eichhorn, Michael; Al-Nuaimi, Anas; Cizmeci, Burak; Fahrmair, Michael; Steinbach, Eckehard: Fully Automatic and Frame-accurate Video Synchronization using Bitrate Sequences. IEEE Transactions on Multimedia, 2013, 1-14 more… BibTeX Full text ( DOI )