Ongoing Thesis

Bachelor's Theses

Machine-Learning based image recognition for detection water change phase by CMOS-IR camera

Generation of Training Data with the Unreal-engine

Environment Aware Attentive LiDAR-Inertial Localization

LIDAR Based Driving

Optimization of Saliency Map Creation

Master's Theses

Semantic Scene Understanding for Smart Transport Robot

Multimodal Object Detection

Improving Inference Performance for the 3D Object Detection Networks on Embedded Platforms

Bottom-up LiDAR Instance Segmentation and Object Proposal Generation

Attentive LiDAR-Inertial localization and mapping for indoor drone-based inspection

Visual Out-Of-Distribution Detection for Autonomous Driving

Development of Image Distrurbance Removal Algorithms for Mobile Servicerobots

Human Motion Prediction for Service Robot

Compressed Sensing for Scanning Lidar

One-Stage Monocular 3D Object Detection with keypoint

Driver Gaze Detection using Eye-Tracking Glasses with the CARLA Driving Simulator

Realtime Realistic Cloud Rendering

Quality independent compressed color image enhancement with CNN

3D sematic segmentation from large sets of images

Deep Learning-Based 3D Object Detection for Autonomous Driving by Fusion of Camera and LIDAR Data

Deep Reinforcement Learning based Autonomous Parking with Donkey Cars

Cross-layer approximate computing of convolutional neural networks for image processing

Camera based junction crossing system

Implementation and Evaluation of display and operating concepts for AV teleoperator workstations

Attentive Visual-Inertial Localization with Deep Neural Saliency Estimation

identification of driving scenarios in real measurement data

Introspective Failure Prediction for Segmentation in Urban Driving

Joint optimization of haptic communication and 5G radio resource allocation

Multi-sensor fusion for precise positioning and control of drones for gripping applications

Master Thesis

Ray casting for completeness model verification in an airplane inspection scenario

Research Internship (Forschungspraxis)

Importance of stereo cameras for depth perception in teleoperated driving

Generating Object Point Cloud using Faster-CNN

Analysis of Region of Interest Prediction in Teleoperated Driving

Compressed color image enhancement with CNN and wavelet transform

Region of Interest Annotation for Detection of driving-relevant Features and ROI Prediction

Adaptive LiDAR data update rate control based on motion estimation

Perceptual-oriented objective quality assessment for time-delayed teleoperation

UWB localization by Kalman filter and particle filter

Erstellung einer Datenbank für taktile Informationen


delay measurement of a depth sensor (LIDAR) in the loop

joint optimization of communication and control for time-delayed teleoperation

Setup of a teleoperation model vehicle

Subjective Testing of Compressed Vibrotactile Signals

Introspective Failure Prediction in Urban Driving

Development of a teleoperation mode for the carla driving simulator

Investigating the Potential of Machine Learning to Map Changes in Forest based on Earth Observation


Development of a Network Resource Estimation System

Student Assistant Jobs

Student Assistant for reference software of time-delayed teleoperation with control schemes and haptic codec