Ongoing Thesis

Bachelor's Theses

Hybrid Material Classification-based on Deep Learning and Hand-crafted Features

adaptive haptic packet rate control for mitigation of burst haptic traffic in teleoperation systems

Saliency maps in Virtual reality

Hybrid material classification based on deeplearning and hand-crafted features

Shelf recognition with RGB-D data

Optimization of Saliency Map Creation

Uncertainty Estimation for Quantized Neural Networks

Optimal Filters for DWT on Vibrotactile Signals

Analysis of Teleoperation Requirements for Self-Driving Car Failures

Environmental Model based Driving

A comparative case study on vehicle driving simulations focusing teleoperated driving

Vibrotactile Codec Validation and Verification

Development and Implementation of a Software Tool for CSI Extraction

Master's Theses

3D sematic segmentation from large sets of images

Deep Learning-Based 3D Object Detection for Autonomous Driving by Fusion of Camera and LIDAR Data

Deep Reinforcement Learning based Autonomous Parking with Donkey Cars

Cross-layer approximate computing of convolutional neural networks for image processing

Camera based junction crossing system

Environmental Modelling and Localization with High-Resolution Automotive Radar

Implementation and Evaluation of display and operating concepts for AV teleoperator workstations

Attentive Visual-Inertial Localization with Deep Neural Saliency Estimation

identification of driving scenarios in real measurement data

Introspective Failure Prediction for Segmentation in Urban Driving

saliency maps for remote reality

object detection and bin picking

cycle CAD: domain adaption between Real and Synthetic

Joint optimization of haptic communication and 5G radio resource allocation

Multi-sensor fusion for precise positioning and control of drones for gripping applications

Domain Adaptation from Simulation to the Real World for Object Detection in Urban Scenes

Master Thesis

Object Detection on RGB-D Images

fast Multi-stream CNN for Quality Enhancement of VR Video

Design and Implementation of a high-resolution 360 degreee camera

Verfahren zur Bestimmung von Fahrermodell-Parametern aus Felddaten

High resolution radar-based object detection and classification using neural networks

Initialization Methods for Visual Odometry

Image super-resolution reconstruction from light-field camera data with a deep neural network prior

Characterization of real world adversial threats

Quality evaluation for 5G Broadcast/Multicast

Research Internship (Forschungspraxis)

Simulation Data Collection for Autonomous Driving Failures

Adaptive LiDAR data update rate control based on motion estimation

Perceptual-oriented objective quality assessment for time-delayed teleoperation

UWB localization by Kalman filter and particle filter

Erstellung einer Datenbank für taktile Informationen


delay measurement of a depth sensor (LIDAR) in the loop

joint optimization of communication and control for time-delayed teleoperation

Setup of a teleoperation model vehicle

Subjective Testing of Compressed Vibrotactile Signals

Introspective Failure Prediction in Urban Driving

Development of a Dataset Logging Pipeline for Autonomous Driving

Development of a teleoperation mode for the carla driving simulator

Perception Influence of ROI masking in a simulated Teleoperated Driving Environment

Investigating the Potential of Machine Learning to Map Changes in Forest based on Earth Observation

Usage of unlabeled data for self-learning in healthcare domain

Data Analytics/Digitalisation of Production


Implementation and Evaluation of Autonomous Driving Models in CARLA

Web-Based User Interface Using ROS Bridge for AI-Drone System

Student Assistant Jobs

model-mediated teleoperation with adaptive modeling for complex environments

Student Tutor 2 for Image and video compression Lab SS2019

Student Tutor 1 for Image and video compression Lab SS2019