Ongoing Thesis

Bachelor's Theses

Elfolgsmaximierung auf der streaming Platform YouTube

Reverse Synthesis for Object Detection Failure Prediction

Unity-based User Interface for Robotic Grasp Teleassistance

Contact Skill Imitation Learning

haptic data redution for position-position teleoperation control architecture

Optimization of Saliency Map Creation

Master's Theses

IMU Sensor Fusion for Embedded Visual Odometry

Illumination of Augmented Reality Content using a Digital Enviroment Twin

Klassifikation von Wafermuster mit Hilfe von Machine Learing Methoden zur Automatisierung der Mustererkennung

Graph neutral network based recommender system for time-series data

Machine Learning Based HDR Dynamic Tone Mapping

Solid-State LiDAR and Stereo-Camera based SLAM for unstructured planetary-like environments

Introspective Sensor Monitoring for Multimodal Object Detection

Adaptive customer functions in the vehicle for an improved HCI using camera-based emotion recognition

Decentralized Navigation Algorithms for Autonomous Swarm Exploration Missions

Blood oxygen saturation prediction from RGB cameras

Hybrid AI Approaches to Human Activity Anticipation

Development of a Path Planning System for Mobile Agents using a Cooperative Visual SLAM system

multi-DoF haptic data reduction and quality enhancement for time-delayed teleoperation with OBG filter

Realtime Multimodal Object Detection

Analysis of scaling machine learning models horizontally

Performance of neural network based detection algorithms based on their cross-correlation to known and industry-wide used image quality metrics

RGBD+IMU Data based Human Activity and Intention Analysis in Indoor Environments

Data and Model Verification for Machine Learning in Autonomous Vehicles

Optimizing hyperparameters of a Deep learning architecture regarding self-defined KPIs by using an automated procedure

Deep Predictive Attention Controller for LiDAR-Inertial localization and mapping

Deep-learning-based Interactive Object Segmentation using RGB-D Images

Real-time route prediction for autonomous vehicles at complex intersections using deep learning

Deep-learning-based Interactive Object Segmentation using RGB-D Images

Deep-learning-based robot grasp planning

Model based Collision Identification for Real-Time Jaco2 Robot Manipulation 

Interdisciplinary Projects

Extension of an Open-source Autonomous Driving Simulation for German Autobahn Scenarios

Extension of an Open-source Autonomous Driving Simulation for German Autobahn Scenarios

How Well Perform Today's Autonomous Driving Models

How Well Perform Today's Autonomous Driving Models

How Well Perform Today's Autonomous Driving Models

Research Internship (Forschungspraxis)

End-to-end YUV420 image compression with NN

A novel block-based haptic data reduction for time-delayed teleoperation

Learning Temporal Knowledge Graphs with Neural Ordinary Differential Equations

Liquid Dataset Development

Analysis and evaluation of DynaSLAM for dynamic object detection

MD Vibrotactile Coding

3D Object Model Reconstruction during in-hand Robotic Manipulation

Failure Prediction for LIDAR-Based Semantic Segmentation

Comparison of Driver Situation Awareness with an Eye Tracking based Decision Anticipation Model

End-to-end image compression with NN

Interacted-object tracking by exploiting human hand pose information

Development of Interactive Segmentation GUI for Robotic Teleassistance

Robotic Grasp Planning Assistance with Augmented Reality

3D object model reconstruction from RGB-D scenes

Simulating inverse kinematics of PANDA robotic arm in Unity

Simulating autonomous grasping algorithms for PANDA robotic arm

Joint Rate Allocation for Teleoperated Driving

Research on the implementation of an (automated) solution for the analysis of surface impurities on endoscope tubes

Multiview-Consistent ROI Prediction

AI-Enhanced Tool for Desk Research R11; Smart Analytical Engine

Algorithm evaluation for robot grasping with compliant jaws

Adaptive Region of Interest Masking for Teleoperated Driving

Generating Object Point Cloud using Faster-CNN

Region of Interest Annotation for Detection of driving-relevant Features and ROI Prediction

Adaptive LiDAR data update rate control based on motion estimation

Perceptual-oriented objective quality assessment for time-delayed teleoperation

UWB localization by Kalman filter and particle filter

Setup of a teleoperation model vehicle

Investigating the Potential of Machine Learning to Map Changes in Forest based on Earth Observation


Evaluation of Sensor Data Compression in Teleoperated Driving

UDP-based haptic communication in Linux system

Student Assistant Jobs

MATLAB tutor for Digital Signal Processing lecture in summer semester 2021

Student Assistant Software Engineering Lab

Student Assistant for Electric Device Check

Student Assistant for Electric Device Check

Student Assistant for distributed haptic training system

Student Assistant for reference software of time-delayed teleoperation with control schemes and haptic codec