Alumni of the Chair of Media Technology

Name Ph.D. Thesis
Anas Al-Nuaimi Methods of Point Cloud Alignment with Applications to 3D Indoor Mapping and Localization
Nicolas Alt Visuo-haptic environment perception for autonomous robotic systems
Ingo Bauermann Acquisition and Streaming of Image-Based Scene Representations
Fernanda Brandi da Silva  
Jianshu Chao Feature-preserving image and video compression
Rahul Chaudhari Data Compression and Quality Evaluation for Haptic Communications
Hu Chen Wyner-Ziv Bayer-pattern video coding
Burak Cizmeci A Multiplexing Scheme for Multimodal Teleoperation
Michael Eichhorn Dynamic Generation of Secure User Interfaces across Distributed Systems
Ali El Essaili Towards User-centric Video Transmission in Next Generation Mobile Networks
Sebastian Hilsenbeck  
Wolfgang Hintermaier An IP-based System Architecture for Camera-based Driver Assistance Services
Peter Hinterseer Compression and Transmission of Haptic Data in Telepresence and Teleaction Systems
Robert Huitl  
Julius Kammerl Perceptual Haptic Data Communication for Telepresence and Teleaction
Shoaib Khan  
Christian Lottermann Towards User Experience-Driven Adaptive Uplink Video Transmission for Automotive Applications
Werner Maier Image-based Novelty Detection for Cognitive Mobile Robots
Yang Peng Quality of Experience-Driven Low-Delay Error-Resilient Video Communication
Martin Pfannenstein  
Francisco de Asis Lopez-Fuentes Video Multicast in Peer-to-Peer Networks
Mehrnoush Rahmani A Resource-Effcient IP-based Network Architecture for In-Vehicle Communication
Damien Schroeder Multi-rate video encoding for adaptive HTTP streaming
Georg Schroth Mobile Visual Location Recognition
Clemens Schuwerk Client/Server-Based Shared Haptic Virtual Environments: Perceptual Data Reduction, Communication, and Delay Compensation
Florian Schweiger Spatio-temporal Analysis of Multiview Video
Ktawut Tappayuthpijarn Adaptive Video Streaming Architectures for Next-Generation Mobile Networks
Srisakul Thakolsri Quality of Experience based Network Resource Allocation for Wireless Multimedia Delivery
Wei Tu Proxy-based Video Transmission: Error Resiliency, Resource Allocation, and Dynamic Caching
Xia Xu Haptic Communication for Time-delayed Teleoperation
Fan Zhang Quality of Experience-driven Multi-Dimensional Video Adaptation