Diego Lentner is the recipient of the 2020 Prof. Dr. Ralf Kötter Memorial Award for his outstanding Master thesis entitled "Dirty Paper Coding For Higher-Order Modulation and Finite Constellation... [more]

Alexandre Graell i Amat from Chalmers University, Sweden, has won the prestigious TUM Global Visiting (formerly August-Wilhelm Scheer) Professorship, funded by the German Excellence Initiative. [more]

Hedongliang (Lia) Liu was awarded the Hensoldt ARGUS Science Award 2019 for her Master thesis. [more]

Emna Ben Yacoub was awarded an "Ingenieurinnen-Preis" by Bernd Sibler, Bavarian Minister of Sciences and the Arts. [more]

Mari Kobayashi from CentraleSupélec, Gif-sur-Yvette, France, has won the prestigious August-Wilhelm Scheer Visiting Professorship, funded by the German Excellence Initiative. [more]

Our former chair Joachim Hagenauer is the recipient of the 2019 IEEE Information Theory Society Aaron D. Wyner Distinguished Service Award. The Award honors an individual who has shown outstanding leadership in,... [more]

Emna Ben Yacoub will be awarded the Walter Gademann Master’s Thesis Award of the TUM Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) for her outstanding Master's thesis. [more]

Tobias Prinz, Fabian Steiner, Thomas Wiegart and Peihong Yuan have been awarded the 2019 Heinrich Hecht Award for designing the best channel code in a "Wanted: Best Channel Codes for Short Underwater Messages"... [more]

Our senior researcher Sven Puchinger has received the Südwestmetall Advancement Award (Südwestmetall-Förderpreis) for his dissertation "Construction and Decoding of Evaluation Codes in Hamming and Rank Metric",... [more]

Prof. Eitan Yaakobi from the Technion, Israel Institute of Technology, has received a TUM IAS Hans Fischer Fellowship. [more]