IEEE Information Theory Society Paper Award for Mansoor Yousefi and Frank Kschischang

Former TUM-LNT Postdoc Mansoor Yousefi and TUM Ambassador Frank Kschischang have won the 2018 IEEE Information Theory Society (ITSoc) Paper Award for their three-part paper on "Information Transmission using the nonlinear Fourier Transform (NFT)," published in the IEEE Transactions on Information Theory in July 2014. The ITSoc Paper Award is given annually for an outstanding publication in the fields of interest to ITSoc appearing anywhere during the preceding four calendar years.

The goal of the papers is to determine the information-theoretic limits of idealized fiber channels. Mansoor and Frank made substantial progress by inventing a communications method based on the NFT that extends OFDM to fiber channels, developing numerical algorithms to compute the NFT and inverse NFT efficiently, and showing gains over existing methods.

For more information, please see the IT Society webpage.