TUM's Shapecomm wins Space Industry Competition

On June 5 in Berlin, Fabian Steiner and Patrick Schulte of LNT and Shapecomm were selected as the overall winner of the INNOspace Masters competition

Shapecomm CEO Fabian Steiner, a doctoral researcher at the TUM Institute for Communications Engineering, won the INNOspace Masters ideas competition for innovative proposals for satellite and space applications. Together with his Shapecomm partners Patrick Schulte and Georg Böcherer, he developed and implemented a novel technology for bandwidth efficient communication called "probabilistic amplitude shaping" that overcomes the limitations of current satcom modems. Applications include satellite broadcasting services for TV and radio, inflight entertainment, and broadband internet access to remote areas. The technology could possibly culminate in DVB-S3.

The competition received 125 proposals. After two pitching rounds, a jury selected 12 ideas for presentation at the final round in Berlin on June 5. The INNOspace Masters competition was organized by the Space Administration of the German Aerospace Center (DLR). Partners of the competition are Airbus, OHB and the ESA Business Incubation Centers Bavaria and Darmstadt. For more information, please see the following links.

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