Theses in Progress

Bachelor's Theses

Volterra Equalization for Optical Channels with Direct Detection Receivers

A Jupyter Notebook for Digital Modulation Schemes (LB)

Reduced Complexity Digital Back Propagation Algorithms

Joint Random Errors happen on Partial Defect Cells

Master's Theses

Coding for Distributed Coordinate Gradient Descent

Adaptive SC-like Decoding for Polar and RM codes

Modeling Optical Signal Propagation with a Multi-Modal Nonlinear Schrödinger Equation

Modeling Deterministic and Random Linear Crosstalk in Light Waveguides

Channel Estimation with LDPC codes

Digital Signal Processing for Continuous Variable Quantum Key Distribution

Signaling Schemes for Continuous Variable Quantum Key Distribution

Asymmetric Shaping for Higher-Order Modulation Dirty-Paper Coding using Polar Codes

Learning-Aided Channel Estimation for Polar Coding

CD Entwickliung (Datenarchitektur) und Datenmodellierung

List decoding of Interleaved Goppa Codes

Private, Secure and Flexible Distributed Machine Learning on the Cloud

Regenerating Codes with Locality

Decoding for High-Throughput Applications

Dynamic Successive Cancellation Flip Decoding of Polar Codes

Product codes with polar component codes

Shaped On-Off Keying using Pulse Position Modulation

Zero-error capacity for multi-user channels with feedback

Protograph-based LDPC Code Design for Finite Number of Iterations

Forschungspraxis or MSCE Internships

Coded Placement in Coded Caching

Adaptive compute strategies for distributed learning

Coding for binary-adder channel

Successive cancellation inactivation decoding of single parity-check product codes (and a non-trivial extension to improve finite-length performance)

Group Testing and Information Theory

Error-Correction for Partially Stuck Memory Cells


Absicherung des elektrischen Antriebsstranges

Random Fraction Placement in Coded Caching

Erweiterung der Agabiz App um eine automatisierte Standort-Ermittlung und Fahrtzeitkontrolle mit Hilfe von iBeacon-/Bluetooth-Technologie

Umsetzung einer frequenzselektiven IQ-Imbalanz Korrektur für OFDM Direct Conversion Receiver

translation of coded modulation library from Matlab/C into julia