Theses in Progress

Bachelor's Theses

Development of HTML/JS Applets for the LNTwww

Decoding Gabidulin Codes

Unidirectional errors with noiseless feedback

Implementation of the PEG-like Algorithms

Wrap around channels with limited magnitude

Master's Theses

Zero-error capacity for multi-user channels with feedback

Receiver architectures for 25 and 50Gbit/s/wavelength passive optical networks

Vorverzerrung des Basisbandsignals mit Hilfe eines Neuronales Netzwerkes

Digital Equalization of Chromatic Dispersion for Optical Channels with Direct Detection

Impairments in Practical Nonlinear Frequency-Division Multiplexing

Implementing a simulator for tracking Optical Ground Stations from the International Space Station

Multimode Propagation with the Split-Step Fourier Method

Signal Characterization by Machine Learning

Forschungspraxis or MSCE Internships

Polar Codes in Block Fading Channel

Implementation of an IEEE 802.15.4 UWB Physical Layer Matlab Model

Machine learning-aided coordination for the autonomous car-pedestrian crossing problem

Bounds on Codes Correcting a Single Duplication and a Single Substitution

Implementation of SCFlip Decoders for Polar Codes

Complexity-adaptive Decoders for Polar Codes

Analyse und Simulation von Precoding-Verfahren in NR


Probabilistic Decoding for Deletion, Insertions and Substitution Errors with a Watermark-LDPC Concatenated Code

Generalization of LRPC Codes

Identification for semi arbitratily varying broadcast channel

Efficient decoding of Reed-Muller/polar codes over binary erasure channel

Message Passing Decoding of BMERA Codes

List Viterbi Decoder for Short Convolutional Codes

Error-Correction for Partially Stuck Memory Cells


Erweiterung der Agabiz App um eine automatisierte Standort-Ermittlung und Fahrtzeitkontrolle mit Hilfe von iBeacon-/Bluetooth-Technologie

Reed Solomon Codes für Identifikation

Umsetzung einer frequenzselektiven IQ-Imbalanz Korrektur für OFDM Direct Conversion Receiver

translation of coded modulation library from Matlab/C into julia