Seminar Topics

The three Seminars "Seminar on Coding and Cryptography", "Seminar on Digital Communications" and "Seminar on Optical Communications" will be organized jointly.

It does not matter for which one you register (please pick *one*), we will assign you to the right one once you passed the application phase.

You need to apply for available topics of your interest by 12.04.2021. Please apply for more than one, but not more than 4. Directly write an E-Mail to the supervisors of your selected topics and put the main organizer on CC (

You can find an overview about the open topics below.

Seminar on Coding and Cryptography

Recent applications of Levenshtein's reconstruction problem

Seminar on Digital Communications

Massive Random Access

Polarization-adjusted convolutional codes

Interleaver Design of Turbo Codes

Forward Error Correction (FEC) for High-Throughput Optical Communication

Trapping Sets of LDPC Codes

Graph Capacity (Intro.)

Seminar on Optical Communications

Polarization Dispersion in Optical Fiber

Computing discrete eigenvalues by contour integrals in the nonlinear Fourier domain