Courses offered by the teaching unit LSR/ITR

Kick off meeting of HS and PP

Students who did not get fixed places in courses “Project Laboratory Cognitive Robotics and Control” and “Seminar Robotics, Automation and Control” , please find information about the kick off meetings in TUMOnline. It might still be possible to participate in the courses and manual assignment will be done.

Exam review

Exam review will be electronically (Link at exam in TUMOnline).


Changes in courses offering:

From WS20/21 "Model Predictive Control" will be - under the new name "Optimal Control and Decision Making" - a  main module for the catalogue Automation and Robotics. 

In future "Dynamische Systeme" will be offered in summer semester as well as  in winter semester. In winter semester  Prof. Buss will read in German, in summer semester Prof. Hirche will do so in English

"Advanced Robot Control" is renamed as "Selected Topics in Robotics".

The courses "Intelligent Methods in Control " and "Artificial Intelligence in Robotics" are currently not offered.


Changes for WS 2020/2021 caused by the restrictions through the Corona-pandemic:
  • All modules will be offered as online courses.
  • The Advanced Control and Robotics Lab was cancelled in SS20 and will now be offered in WS20/21.
  • The lab Regelung und Automation will not be offered.