The second Munich Conference on Quantum Science and Technology will take place from 6 to 8 July 2020

Munich Conference on Quantum Science and Technology 2020

The second Munich Conference on Quantum Science and Technology will be held ONLINE from 6 to 8 July 2020.

The Munich Conference on QST 2020, organized by the Cluster of Excellence Munich Center for Quatum Science and Technology, brings together its scientific community from all career-stages with international guests in academia and industry to strengthen the exchange of ideas and discuss the latest advancements in all fields of quantum science and technology (QST).

The worldwide COVID-19 pandemic has affected all our lives and dramatically changed the status-quo, including how scientific events are organized.

Scientific exchange is a cornerstone of a researcher’s life and lies at the heart of our growing community. We are determined to make the best out of the current situation and create an online scientific conference that is environmentally, family, and even pet friendly. Therefore, we are thrilled to open up our virtual doors to the scientific community in a space designed to facilitate the exchange of ideas and latest advancements.

Our chair will be represented together with the Institute for Communications Engineering (LNT) with the following contributions:

Holger Boche (Monday, 6 July - 9:35 am to 10:05 am)
Post Shannon Quantum Communication and (unexpected) Links between Computing and Information Processing

Uzi Pereg, Christian Deppe, Holger Boche
Quantum Channel State Masking

Holger Boche, Minglai Cai, Christian Deppe, Roberto Ferrara, Moritz Wiese
Quantum Semantic Security

Holger Boche, Gisbert Janssen, Sajad Saeedinaeeni
Universal Superposition Codes: Capacity Regions for Compound Quantum Broadcast Channels

Janis Nötzel, Stephen DiAdamo
Entanglement-Assisted Data Transmission as an Enabling Technology: A Link-Layer Perspective

Stephen DiAdamo, Janis Nötzel, Benjamin Zanger, Mehmet Mert Be³e
QuNetSim: A Software Framework for Quantum Networks

Holger Boche, Minglai Cai, Ning Cai
Message transmission over classical quantum channels with a jammer with side information: Correlation as resource, common randomness generation