At the IEEE International Conference on Multimedia and Expo 2017 in Hong Kong, Mikhail Startsev received the "Award for Best Head and Eye Movement Prediction" for his contribution to the "Salient360! Grand Challenge". Congratulations! [more]

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Hugo Fastl wurde für seine unermüdliche Arbeit auf den Gebieten der Akustik mit dem EAA AWARD for Lifetime Achievements in Acoustics geehrt. Herzlichen Glückwunsch! [more]

Prof. Rigoll spricht in einem Artikel der AKTIV Wirtschaft über das Thema "Digitale Assistenten: Was Sprachsteuerung heute schon alles kann" [more]

Philipp Tiefenbacher got the Best Paper Honorable Mention Award for his work "Biomechanics of Thumb Touch Gestures on Handheld Devices", which will be presented on the CHI 2016 LBW. Of all sumbissions accepted only less than 5% earned a Best Paper status of... [more]

Termine der aktuellen Abschlussvorträge von studentischen Arbeiten am Lehrstuhl MMK. [more]

In the IEEE Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Workshop (CVPRW) called Embedded Vision (EV) in Boston Philipp Tiefenbacher received an award for the best poster presentation for his presentation  "Off-the-Shelf Sensor Integration for mono-SLAM on Smart... [more]

Philipp Tiefenbacher received the award for the best teaching for its central exercise in signal representation of the student council of the MSE! [more]

Third Place in the OCEAN'S15 MTS/IEEE Student Poster Competition, Genova, Italy, May 20, 2015 -> Certificate [more]

An Interview with the Leader of the International Junior Research Group VESPA, Dr. Michael Dorr, on the subject "Eyetracking and Google Glass" was published in January 2015 in the Scientific American, 01/2015 [more]

In May 2014 some newspaper articles were published about the project HOL-I-WOOD PR, which is financed by the EU Euro am Sonntag [pdf 96kB], Nürnberger Zeitung [pdf 66kB], Münchner Merkur [pdf 578kB] [more]