CyberTUM - Two Student Teams at Cybathlon 2020 Challenge

The CYBATHLON is a unique championship in which people with physical disabilities compete against each other to complete everyday tasks using state-of-the-art technical assistance systems".

In 2020' challenge at ETH Zurich, two TUM-teams will start in the Disciplines Brain Computer Interface (BCI) Race and Powered Arm Prosthesis Race. Both teams are supported/co-organized by  a lot of MSNE-students.

Read more about the CyberTUM teams on the recently launched student webpage!

Workshop on Intelligent Prosthetics and Brain-Computer Interfaces & Hackathon (27.-29.5.2019)

Agenda | Speakers & Biography | Hackathon Flyer  (download, pdf-format)

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List of Speakers:
(Further Speakers, Workshops, Poster Session and a program including time and vanue will be provided soon)

Nicolas Berberich (RIKEN AIP & TUM): “Human-centered approaches for neuroengineering”

Prof. Gordon Cheng (TUM): "Processes in Restoring Sense of Touch to Spinal Cord Injured Patients"

Prof. Stanisa Raspopovic (ETH Zurich): “Sensory feedback in prostheses”

Dr. Ricardo Chavarriaga (EPFL): "Symbiotic Brain- Machine interaction: Beyond control and monitoring"

Prof. Claudio Castellini (DLR): "Interactive (machine) learning: a key component of the HMI of the future”

Zied Tayeb (TUM): "Closed-loop hybrid brain-computer interfaces for neuroprostheses control”

Michael Auer (Ottobock Unit Upper Limb Prosthetics): "Advances in Upper Limb Prosthetics – Function and Design”

Dr. Emmanuel Carlos Dean Leon & Florian Bergner (TUM):"Robot Skin: Present, Future and possible applications"

Prof. Patrick van der Smagt (Director of AI Research, Volkswagen Group): Title TBA

Prof. Natalie Mrachacz-Kersting (Aalborg University, Denmark): Title TBA

Johannes Kühn (TUM): Title TBA

N.N. (g.tec medical engineering): "Brain-Computer Interfaces (BCI)”



The workshop  is co-organized by MSNE, MSRM-Students and supported by MSNE study program (TUM and Elitenetzwerk Bayern ).


Impressions (Workshop and Hackathon)