"VibeLight" - A winning Student Project in 2020 IEEE Brain virtual br41n.io Hackathon

Five Students of the Master in Neuroengineering study program (MSNE) won the BCI-Challenge in the 2020 edition of IEEE Brain virtual br41n.io Hackathon. 

Within a 24h Hackathon, the students (Eric Ceballos Dominguez, Jin Hwa Lee, Ashish Rao Mangalore, Svea Marie Meyer und Matthijs Pals) designed and realized a prototype system ("VibeLight"), supporting e-learning or any online meeting in a novel way: The system allows to measure, to feed back and to visualize the mood of meeting participants in real-time, using Brain-Computer-Interface (BCI) techniques.

Overall, two MSNE student teams attended in the Hackathon, but in different challenges. In the BCI challenge, 11 international teams competed. Beside of the precious experience in the competition, the team members of both teams pushed forward their MSNE Research Excellence Certificates. The students will also continue project work in CyberTUM student teams.

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