*Virtual* Neuroengineering Symposium (April 22nd 2020)

What is really different in virtual conferences? The reception, the breaks, and the chats once all presentations are done!

Science is going on! This theme started the first entirely virtual MSNE Neuroengineering Symposium on April 22nd 2020. MSNE students presented their latest research projects, performed at TUM as well as in many other places worldwide. Looking to the registration list, 75 students, faculty, researchers, supporters and friends of MSNE joined the event, while "#stayingathome".
For most students presenting, it has been the first entirely virtual conference experience: presenting to a scientific community while always crossing fingers that WIFI stays operational, matching a tight schedule, only sharing windows intended for the audience, applauding with emojis, raising virtual hands, and mingling between posters in virtual breakout rooms. Can you hear me? Can you see my slides? - Virtual conferences really feel different, new dos and donts and many pitfalls on the way. Students prepared for the event in dry-runs, fine-tuning presentation skills and getting familiar with the conference system. Summarizing this challenging format: Everything (!) worked fine and smoothly, building a successful event. While the event closed, it was great fun to see faces of many relaxed people, making science going on in crazy times. (23.4.2020, Rattei)