Ms Dr.-Ing. Barbara Hopf was awarded the Professor Hönle Prize of the University of Applied Sciences Munich for her doctoral thesis Fiber Bragg grating-based multi-parameter measurement for use in high-performance generators on April 22, 2021. This prize was awarded for the first time by the University of Applied Sciences Munich for outstanding theses in the field of optics, laser, and photonics.
Ms Dr.-Ing. Hopf completed her dissertation as part of a cooperative doctorate between the Technical University of Munich (TUM) and the University of Applied Sciences Munich (HM). The work was supervised by Professor Alexander W. Koch (TUM) as the first examiner and Professor Johannes Roths (HM) as the second examiner.

On the IRS 2020, International Radar Symposium, 5-8 October 2020, Warsaw, Poland, Arsalan Haider
and his team were awarded the third place in the young scientist contest for their paper "Integration of Phase Noise into a Virtual Test Driving Software to Investigate the Impact on the Radar Performance"

In November 2019 the spin-off company Blickfeld GmbH has been awarded the price "The Spark –
Der deutsche Digitalpreis 2019"
, awarded from Handelsblatt and McKinsey.

In October 2019 Björn Stoffers, co-founder of the spin-off company Orbital Oracle Technologies GmbH,
won the “Best Pitch award of the 3rd StartUp Night!” for aerospace held by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi).

In July 2019 the spin-off company Blickfeld GmbH has won the German start-up prize "Start me up!",
endowed with 100,000 euros, which is organized by the business magazine "Bilanz"
and the companies Daimler, HanseMerkur, and ProSiebenSat1 Media.

In September 2018, the ORORA.TECH team: Thomas Grübler, Florian Mauracher, Björn Stoffers,
and Rupert Amann
won the first prize of the "European Student Challenge" 2018,
endowed with 10,000 €, with their startup project for satellite weather research,
for details please see,

In November 2018, the ORORA.TECH team received the first prize of the "Virtual Investment Challenge"
for the most promising start-up at the NEWSPACE EUROPE 2018 conference.

Christian Schwaller, M.Sc., received the Pelkhoven Prize on January 22, 2018 for his master's
thesis "Thermal and Long-Term Stabilization of Static Single-Mirror Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrometers"
(from the German Catholic Students Association Aenania, Munich
and from "Professor Linhard Studentenheim und Unterstützungsverein eV") for outstanding academic work.

On the first Hypermotion Conference in November 2017 the Blickfeld GmbH was awarded
the first prize among the newest technology start-ups.

On the 4SMARTS Symposium in June 2017 Markus J. Schmid, Mathias S. Müller and their team
were awarded the "Best paper award" for their paper "A fiber-optic sensor for measuring quasi-static
and unsteady pressure on wind energy converters".

On June 23, 2017 Mr. Daniel Schiessl, M.Sc., received as part of the Ernst Blickle Award ceremony
the study award of the SEW-EURODRIVE-Foundation (
for his master thesis "Development and commissioning of a piezo table as well as a highly sensitive optical
vibration sensor for vibration analysis". This reflects the results of the fruitful collaboration between
the internationally successful high-tech company attocube systems AG and the Chair for Measurement Systems
and Sensor Technology at the Technical University of Munich.
In his work Mr. Schiessl developed a highly sensitive vibration sensor based on a Fabry-Perot interferometer, which can be used not only at cryogenic temperatures, but is also insensitive to electromagnetic waves
and particle radiation. For vibration analysis of the sensor, a piezo table including software for recording
and processing of the data was also developed. The sensor he developed was successfully tested
at the Institute of Aerospace Engineering at the Technische Universität Dresden,
and two models of the sensor are successfully used at the European Center for Nuclear Research (CERN).
"In particular, I would like to express my sincere thanks to my supervisors Moritz Graf, M.Sc., and Dr. Martin Zech for the dedicated scientific support and assistance during the whole course of the work",
says Mr. Schiessl about the successful cooperation.
In addition to his studies, Mr. Schiessl also researched as an Intern at CERN as well as a student guest scientist
at the renowned Stanford University in California, where his results were so outstanding that they can be found
in three publications, one of which with Mr. Schiessl as the first author. After his master's degree,
Mr. Schiessl took immediate responsibility and has been in charge of electronics and software development
at attocube systems AG since April 2016.

On October 24, 2016 the VDI Prize 2016 was awarded to Dr.-Ing. Max R. Rößner in the course of a solemn bestowal at the AUDI AG in Ingolstadt. A report including the theses of the winners and the ceremonial act appeared in January 2017 in the VDI journal „Technik in Bayern“ No. 01/2017.

The "TWAS Medal Lectures" 2015 was awarded to Prof. Dr. Hala El-Khozondar.

The ISESCO Prize for Science and Technology 2014 was awarded to Prof. Dr. Hala El-Khozondar.

On June 5, 2014 Jakov Kholodkov, participant in the TUM-Kolleg of the Otto-von-Taube Gymnasium Gauting, received at the TUM-Kolleg graduates celebration his certificate for his participation, as well as for his research work done at the MST. On the same occasion, the university administration gave the silver TUM badge of honor
to Max R. Rößner for his commitment in the support of the TUM-Kolleg participant.

"Jugend forscht": Jakov Kholodkov, student in the Rexus program (Rocket Experiments for University Students), received the 3rd place in the regional competition Munich north (25.-26.02.2014)
with the title „Rexus Service Module Simulator“.

On 20.11.2013 the TUM Presidential Entrepreneurship Award including 10.000,- Euros was presented
to the fos4x GmbH, a spin-off company of the Institute for Measurement Systems and Sensor Technology.
The press release you can find here. The article in TUMcampus 1/2014, p. 54 you will find here.

The VDE Award 2013 in the cathegory science was conferred to Markus Schmid
for his Master Thesis on 28.11.2013.

On 01.12.2013 the title „TUM Ambassador“ was awarded to Prof. Dr. Hala El-Khozondar.

On 25.10.2013 Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Dr. h.c. mult. Elmar Schrüfer was honored as a Senator of the CDHK
of the Tongji University for his outstanding merits and achievements during the last 15 years.
The article in TUMcampus 1/2014, p. 73 you will find here.

On 18.07.2013 the Vice President Prof. Dr. Thomas Hofmann ceremoniously presented
Ms. Regine Striewski-Jäger with the silver TUM badge of honor to mark her 25th anniversary in civil service.

On the ISCP 2012 in Sinai, Romania, Dipl.-Ing. Benjamin R. Wiesent was awarded
the "Best Oral Presentation Award" for his lecture „Miniaturized MID-IR Spectrometer for Online and On-site
Condition Monitoring of Stationary Biogas Engines" (08.-12.05.2012).

Prof. Dr. A.W. Koch and some members of the Institute MST are the Munich Student Chapter of SPIE 
and therefore Co-Organizers of the 3rd edition of International Student Conference on Photonics (ISCP 2012),
which will be held on May 8th – 12th 2012, in Sinaia (Romania).

On 18.11.2011 the Honorary Doctorate of the Tajikistan Academy of Sciences (Tajikistan)
was awarded to Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Dr. h.c. Alexander W. Koch.

On the ISWLA’11 in Bran, Romania, Dipl.-Ing. Benjamin R. Wiesent was awarded
the "Best Poster Award" for his paper "Viscosity Measurement of Synthetic Oils
by Means of Laser Induced Fluorescence" (31.05.-04.06.2011). 

Selected Landmark 2011:
In the competition »365 Landmarks in the Land of Ideas« the fos4X group (Thorbjörn C. Buck, Lars Hoffmann, Mathias S. Müller, Rolf Wojtech) was awarded the prize Selected Landmark 2011.

Prof. Dr. A.W. Koch and some members of the Institute MST are the Munich Student Chapter of SPIE and therefore Co-Organizers of the ISWLA 2011 - the 2nd International Student Workshop on Laser Applications 2011, 31.05. to 03.06.2011 in Bran, Romania.

On the 22nd of October, 2010 on the Day of the Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology Dr.-Ing. Mathias S. Müller received for his Dissertation "Untersuchungen zu Kraft-Momenten-Sensoren auf Basis von Faser-Bragg-Gittern" the Rohde & Schwarz Prize for an outstanding promotion.

On the 61st International Astronautical Congress in Prague Max Rößner was awarded
with the "1st Prize of the International Student Contest (Pierre Contensou Medal)"
of the International Astronautical Federation for his Diploma Thesis, on the 1st of October, 2010.

Prof. Dr. Hala El-Khozondar won the Islamic University prize for applied science and engineering
for the year 2010.

On 22.09.2009 Mathias S. Müller, Thorbjörn C. Buck and Alexander W. Koch received the Best Student Paper Award at the Congress of the International Society of Ocular Toxicology (ISOT)
for their paper "Fiber Bragg Grating-Based Acceleration Sensor".

On 03.04.2009 the Honorary Doctorate of the Technical University Iasi (Rumania)
was awarded to Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Alexander W. Koch.

On 15.11.2007 Pascal de Marné recieved the VDE/VDI Award