Surface Measurement Technology

In the field of surface measurement technology there are lots of methods
(tactile, ultrasonic, …) to acquire information about an object.
Laser based measurement techniques offer important advantages in comparison to other procedures:
they are non-contact, non-destructive, highly precise, fast and applicable from great distance.

Next to the shape of the surface one can measure vibration, displacement, deformations or strain.
What is more the roughness of the object can be quantified.

History of the research of Prof. Koch
in the field of speckle measurement techniques

Recent Publications:

Pöller, F.; Salazar Bloise, F.; Jakobi, M.; Wang, S.; Dong, J.; Koch, A.W.
"Non-Contact Roughness Measurement in Sub-Micron Range by Considering Depolarization Effects"
In: Sensors 19(10), 1-12, publ. date 2019


 Contact: Franziska Pöller, M.Sc.