High-Level Design Laboratory

Brief Description

High-level design tools such as Matlab Simulink are increasingly being considered in the design of embedded systems. In particular, as the complexity grows, it becomes very difficult to develop and maintain embedded software. In this context, generating code from high-level models such as state automata is gaining in importance.

In this lab, participants learn how to use modern high-level design tools to develop applications and algorithms for embedded systems. The main objective of this lab is to control a baking line (i.e., a model factory). Depending on system requirements and timing constraints, it will be necessary to implement some parts of the embedded system in hardware (VHDL/programmable logic) and some other parts in software, which are then run on a microprocessor. The hardware platform is a Xilinx Zynq SOC.

Administrative Information

  • 5 SWS, 6 ECTS-Credits
  • Room 3971, RCS, 3rd floor
  • The registration is only possible via TUMOnline.
  • This course is offered as a block course during the semester break.
  • The compulsory introduction lecture takes place on September 2nd 2019, 9:45am in room 3971. Registered students who do not attend at that lecture will loose their seat and the next student on the waiting list will get the seat.
  • Additionally completion of the exercises, which will be held in the first three days, is mandatory.
  • The maximum number of participants is 6.
  • This lab is based on the same case study (viz., the baking line) as the Microcontroller Systems lab (Mikroprozessorsysteme). However, the focus here is on high-level design flows.
  • Written report and oral exam at the end of the lab.

Required Knowledge

  • Knowledge of hardware architectures.
  • Programming C and VHDL (even if the code is automatically generated from a model, it is recommended to have knowledge of VHDL and C).
  • Basic knowledge of Matlab Simulink and Stateflow is also helpful.

Course Material

Lecture Slides, reading materials, exercises etc. will be available on Moodle! A TUMOnline account is required to access the e-learning course. If you do not have a TUMOnline login, please contact me.


Unlike past runs of this lab, it will this semester be offered as a block course during the semester break. Also, since lab space is limited, it can only be offered to six students.

The lab hours are scheduled for two weeks starting on Monday the 2nd of September 2019. The first three days of the lab are compulsory introduction. Please see the table below for all the dates.

The table will be visible, after the course was activated. Until then, please use this link.



Nils Heitmann; Room 3942