Advanced Seminar (EI7742)

  • Master EI
  • 5 ECTS
  • Lectures in German
  • English by arrangement with your supervisor
  • winter and summer term
  • max. five participants
  • one-on-one supervision
  • includes tutorials on literature research, scientific writing and giving effective talks


The goal of the advanced seminar is to develop basic skills in literature research, scientific writing, and giving scientific talks, next to understanding the process of scientific publishing. During this module, your task is to write an academic paper on a topic of your interest, under the supervision and coaching that we offer. At the end of the module, all papers will be presented and discussed in a conference-like get-together.

The topic of this seminar changes every semester according to recent technical trends, but it is always in the broad area of embedded and/or real-time systems. The seminar gives you the opportunity to practice working in a scientific manner, to get individual feedback, and to improve skills that are beneficial for your Master's Thesis or an academic carreer.


Themen im Sommersemester 2021

  1. Hyper-parameter Optimization for Automated Network Architecture Searches
  2. Real-Time Communication Protocols for Wireless Sensor Actuation Networks (WSANs)
  3. Smartphone-based Hearing Screening
  4. Comparison of High-power Resonant DC/DC Converter Topologies
  5. Zeitsynchronisation in kabelgebundenen/Funk-Netzen (Time Synchronization in Wired and Wireless Networks)

Important Dates

... can be found in TUMonline. Please note that the time of the final event on Jun 25th (begin/end) is not yet confirmed.


The registration happens via email and personal discussion, not via TUMonline (first come, first serve). If you are interested in one of the topics, please contact:

Martin Geier