Development of Functionally Safe Software for Embedded Systems

Martin Becker

28.08.2014, 15:00--17:00, room 3945 (seats are limited!)

Together with researcher from our partner Tongji University China, we discuss the current state-of-the-art of developing software for embedded systems which operate in safety-critical environments.

Topics covered:

  • the difference between defect, infection, failure and bug
  • timing analysis techniques (forms of WCET analysis, measurements)
  • code configurations (identifying invalid configurations)
  • compiler trust (when your compiler introduces bugs)
  • blue-sky bugfinding (architecture analysis, static analysis, dynamic analysis)
  • design approaches (source code, model, problems with mainstream languages)
  • testing/debugging (unit-, smoke-, delta-)
  • verification (model checking, SAT solver)
  • specification of properties (ACSL, LTL, CTL, dynamic inference)