Mission and Goals

Acquisition of information is an essential task in our information society and electromagnetic sensors become more and more important for the accurate and efficient determination of various quantities in many application fields such as medicine, safety and security, electromagnetic compatibility, earth exploration, communications, robotics, traffic,… . Sensors and measurement systems must be designed and realized in order to meet the specific challenges of the various application fields and experts from various disciplines such as sensor technology, electromagnetic fields as well as the envisaged application area such as medicine, biology or mechanical engineering must closely work together in order to achieve optimal system performance.

The CoC ESMS brings together expertise from different scientific fields, e.g. sensor technology, electromagnetic fields, medical electronics, biology, signal processing, microwave technology, radar and navigation, etc. By performing cutting-edge research in the important fundamental and application oriented fields and topics, the CoC ESMS is contributing to the design of the electromagnetic sensors and measurement systems of the future.

Core Competencies

  • Electromagnetic Fields and Waves
  • Sensor Technologies
  • Reconfigurable Systems
  • Measurement Techniques
  • Microwave Technology
  • Sensor-Related Signals and Signal Processing

Research Areas

  • Sensors (electric, magnetic, electromagnetic, optical, electro-acoustic, microelectro-mechanical, etc.)
  • Sensor Arrays
  • Sensor Technology
  • Biosensors and Sensor Implants
  • Sensor and Measurement Systems
  • Multiple Sensor Systems
  • Sensor Based Automatic Test Systems
  • Laser Based Measurement Systems
  • Optical and IR-Spectroscopy
  • Radar and Radiometry
  • Antenna Measurement Techniques
  • EMC Measurements
  • Navigation and Positioning
  • Sensor-Related Signal Processing and Signal Design

Selected Projects